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Jahrmann, Margarete  Univ.-Prof. Mag.art. Dr.phil.

Standort: Ferstel-Trakt Erdg.
Telefon: 71133-2830
Fax: 71133-2649
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E-Mail: margarete.jahrmann@uni-ak.ac.at
Organisationseinheiten: Digitale Kunst, Zentrum Fokus Forschung
Ludic Society Magazine 2013
Ludic Manifesto 2007
Play Fetish 2007
Post-Monarchy CoPlayers in Tokyo 2007
RFID Tagging Games. A Plymouth for Pl/a/ymouth. Situated Play. 2007
General documents/publications
KUNST UND KULTUR DER DIGITALEN SPIELE. (conference proceedings). (author), Deutschland. 2012
Light Image Imagination. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Wien (Österreich). 2012
Multiple Selves as Artist and Instructor. (conference proceedings). (author), Paris (Frankreich). 2012
2010 Fractal Midsummer night’s Dream, Opera Schloss Werdenberg, Switzerland.. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Werdenberg (Schweiz). 2011
2010 Fractal Midsummer night’s Dream, Opera Schloss Werdenberg, Switzerland.. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Werdenberg (Schweiz). 2011
Ludic Society Magazine. Issue 3 and Issue 4. (article). (editor), Österreich. 2007
research and projects
EU Forschungsprojekt TEF "Technology, Exchange and Flow"
awards and grants
Leverhulme Post Doc research award, University of Plymouth, UK 2011
EU-research project award, Humanities in the European Research Aerea (HERA) 2010
Cybernaut Sail 2013
Play& Prosume: Technology, Exchange and Flow 2013
Play& Prosume: Technology, Exchange and Flow, März 2013, Kunsthalle Karlsplatz W 2013
Ausstellung 2012
Propaganda/ Pervasive Prosumer Play 2012
education & qualification
Doctor of Philosophy 2007–2010
conference contributions
Exhibition Game Conceptions 2013
Urban Art & Exhibition Games 2013
Urban Games Ready-Played 2013
games and Culture 2013
2nd European Immersive Education Summit 2012
Keynote 2012
NEXT LEVEL GameArt 2012
Blitzplay. Urban Game/ Nintendo DS Modification 2007
Evening of the Ludic Society. DEAF Festival Rotterdam 2007
Mythos Pong. Pong Dress 2007
Play in Public Space. Pong Dress 2007
Sex and the Game Console 2007
Social Hacking. Commissioned art work at Plymouth Art Centre. 2007
Assessment Committee Professor Media Design, University of Aalborg 2013
Jury Mitglied Games Content Award Vienna, ZIT 2013
Jury Mitglied für European Interactive TV Conference series, Como, Italy. 2013
Wir haben Herz 2013
Play and Prosume. Vorträge, Screenings und Diskussionen zu aktuellen Strategien 2012
Jury BMUKK media arts award/ emerging arts award 2010 2009
GameZ Festival Zurich 2013
Exhibition Game 2013
ToyGenosonic/ Enter Act / Kunstmuseum Aaros / Aarhus / Denmark 2009
Sema Code Dress 2009