15TH INTERNATIONAL WEEK Universidade Europeia | IADE | IPAM

Due date: 15. January 2021
UNIVERSIDADE EUROPEIA, IPAM LISBOA AND IPAM PORTO  have the great pleasure to announce the 15th INTERNATIONAL WEEK that will take place from 22ND TO 26TH MARCH 2021. As usual the event will combine an International Staff Program and an International Lecture Program.
The international week is scheduled to take place in a hybrid format, in which the guest can register to participate online or in person. It can be promptly turned into an online event if the Covid-19 situation requires so.
In attachment you’ll find some useful information about the event, including a draft program.
EMBRACING CHANGE - Adjusting to unfamiliar situations, demands, changing roles, seeing change as an opportunity and being receptive to new ideas
Whether in Design, Tourism, Marketing, Sports, Management, Psychology, Hospitality or others, we need a new mindset and we must integrate change as an important and integral part of our lives, both individually and organizationally.
How we handle change is the essence of our existence and the key to happiness and to successful businesses, particularly in our current times of deep uncertainty.
“Life is flux,” said the philosopher Heraclitus. The Greek philosopher pointed out in 500 BC that everything is constantly shifting and becoming something other than what it was once before. Heraclitus concluded that since the very nature of life is change, to resist this natural flow was to resist the very essence of our existence. “There is nothing permanent except change,” he mentioned.
Viewing changing situations as opportunities for improving and developing work, and remaining positive about moving forward despite being realistic about the difficulty of change, are steps into a bright Future.
Encouraging experimentation, new ways of working and seeking a diversity of perceptions are powerful forms of Resilience innovation.
This year, our 15th International Week will be covering these topics and we would be very pleased to count with your participation.
Application Deadline: January 15th, 2021