Focus Related Research

Further information on INTRA projects can be found here:
Angewandte Programme for Inter- and Transdisciplinary Projects in Art and Research (INTRA)

Digital and social Transformation
This projects take place within the framework of “Digitale und soziale Transformation“ as a selected digitization project at public universities.

Projects are added on an ongoing basis.

AT2OA² - Austrian Transition to Open Access 2

01. January 2021
Transformation from Closed to Open Access (OA) publications.

Contact: Sybille Hentze

Image+ Platform for Open Art Education

01. September 2020
Image and image research platform to improve the quality of teaching. 

Contact person: Astrid Poyer

LeFo: Lehr- und Forschungsinfrastruktur für Digitale Künste an Hochschulen

01. March 2020
The LeFo project involves the establishment and expansion of an innovative teaching and research infrastructure and the development of test modules for archiving digital art in virtual space.

Contact person: Martin Kusch


01. March 2020
TRANSFORM is dedicated to exploring new directions and concepts in research and university education.
Contact person: Alexander Damianisch


01. March 2020
A project to create and test Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for the basic teaching of computer science.

Contact person: Wolfgang Neipl

RIS Synergy

01. March 2020
Research project within an Austrian constortium on data management and interfaces
Contact: Helga Aichmaier

Spot On MozART

01. January 2020
This project aims to develop immersive digital environments that enable a multi-sensory experience and thus a (new) understanding of the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Contact: Martin Kusch

FAIR Data Austria

01. January 2020
The FAIR Data project contributes to strengthening the transfer of knowledge between universities, business and society and supports the sustainable development of the Europea Open Science Cloud.

Contact: Florian Bettel