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Digital and social Transformation
This projects take place within the framework of “Digitale und soziale Transformation“ as a selected digitization project at public universities.

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Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (DTAFA)

Investigation Office for Future Scenarios at the Danube

Contact: Bernd Kräftner 
Embark on a scenic, slow-paced sail along the Danube and tune in to our exclusive coverage directly from the waves of the river! Dive deep with us into the Danube – swim with the fish that inhabit its hydrosphere, fly with the birds through its atmosphere and listen to the plants in its biosphere!

The Danube has always been a great inspiration for artists. But today, in times of global environmental devastation, it is important and inevitable to elevate artistic practices into tools for activism, empowerment and engagement. The Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (DTAFA) is formed in order to research and identify how the arts can address climate change and its effects on the river Danube. Working in close collaboration with scientists, civil society groups, conservationists, plants and animals, the research wishes to develop and map all the anticipated emergencies that the river Danube might have in the future, and try to produce a series of experimental - quasi productions, solutions. The research will turn to science, theory and technology, as well as to history and the role that the Danube had played for different cultures as a totemic, spiritual, military and ecological touchstone.

The Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (DTAFA) is a fictive, environmental and socio-artistic organization, which provides services and mediations between species, or more precisely new pathways for new imaginaries for the Danube ecosystem. It combines visual art, design, science and advocacy for Danube’s future.

The DTAFA are: Alexandra Fruhstorfer, Lena Violetta Leitner, Ege Kökel, Solmaz Farhang and Andrea Palašti.

Project leader and special advisor: Bernd Kräftner


Donau Trailer from andreapalasti on Vimeo.