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Magic Hour

Magic Hour. The uncannines of twilight

Contact: Caroline Heider

Lighting moods have a sublime influence on people's moods. Light manufacturers
have already conducted studies on the effect of colour temperatures, luminous intensity and luminance on human individuals. Companies, for example, use daylight-like glare-free light to brain's ability to concentrate. Operating systems offer a day and night design in an attempt to artificially simulate a day-night rhythm.
Against this background, we analyse the twilight of the Magic Hour from an artistic and art- theoretical and psychological perspective in the context of aesthetic experience.
The term magic hour also refers to the blue hour, that hour of a transitory state, in which the world seems new and different every second. In nature, this moment can be uplifting. We open up the idea of twilight as a metaphor for a dynamic state, a moment that can proceed in any direction. In Summerterm 2021 we involved students of the department Applied-Photography and Time-based Media and worked together on the ambiguity in images.
An exhibition of the investigations were shown at Angewandte Festival 2021:
Room 046 – Concepts of Twilight
Twilight, in which things do not appear clearly, stands for all the effects of vagueness and ambiguity in images. Images influence us in subtle ways. They evoke moods, direct the gaze, bring in allusions, and they can thus turn clarity into twilight. The effects of these intentional manoeuvres on their recipients flows into an aesthetic study.
With Adriána Ingeli, Vincent Forstenlechner, Michael Giefing, Benjamin Laabmayr, Olesya Parfenuk, Nico Pistec, Mirjam Reiter, Lea Sonderegger, Laura Spes, Anna Skuratovski, Lukas Thüringer, Moritz Zangl, curated by Caroline Heider and Ruth Horak, empirical study of aesthetics by Gernot Gerger, within the Intra project Magic Hour – The Uncanniness of Twilight.

Photo: Caroline Heider, Magic Hour – Landscape. Lee 196 True Blue, Lee 228 Brushed Silk, Lee 216 White Diffusion (Table Top), 2020.