Focus Related Research

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Angewandte Programme for Inter- and Transdisciplinary Projects in Art and Research (INTRA)

Digital and social Transformation
This projects take place within the framework of “Digitale und soziale Transformation“ as a selected digitization project at public universities.

Projects are added on an ongoing basis.

Translocal Performative Academy

ORGAN/ISMUS – Poetics of Relations. Pilot phase for new media of a Translocal Performative Academy of space related artistic practices

Contact: Lucie Strecker

This work in artistic research hopes to create conditions for a critical, open-ended, digital and interdisciplinary dialogue among space-related performance artists.

  1. Which kinds of displays and media environments create low-threshold accessibility so as to enable a multi-faceted digital dialogue about translocal artistic practices between artists from various social, economic and geographical backgrounds? How can we extend standardized, online presence and communication by applying the lowest common technical denominator? Furthermore, our questions explore the territory between the corporeal and the digital: What spatial and physical experiences can we enable by using net-based communication technologies like video conferencing, online gaming and social media? How can virtual discourses and media interactions deal with writing assignments, everyday observations and the implementation of local, space-related work processes?
  2. How can we learn from each other translocally? How can we support each other translocally? What kinds of new artistic ecologies, sustainable translocal artistic organisms, can emerge from our mutual exchange?
  3. To take a deeper look at the interrelated dynamics of such a digitally-extended dialogue and to enable the emergence of new phenomena, our aim is to transfer material generated by low-tech online exchanges into an immersive environment that will be suitable for the given technologies and as means of transformation. Our approach is grounded in and oriented towards an understanding of interrelations between humans and non-human organisms, materials, structures and spaces. Relations occur not only between people or institutions alone. Hence, within the Translocal Performative Academy we will examine exchange processes between organisms and their environments. The insights we gain will be applied to the building of new artistic ecologies as connected life cells of society, embedded in artistic, cultural, resistant and interrelated structures.

This INTRA research project is a collaboration between theatercombinat (Artistic Director: Claudia Bosse), researchers at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Wolfgang Fiel, Johannes Hucek, Digital Arts), and Lucie Strecker (Angewandte Performance Lab and INTRA-research moderation), as well of the Film University Babelsberg, KONRAD WOLF, and Sylvius Lack (Research Fellow for Game Design). Based on a concept developed by Claudia Bosse for a Translocal Performative Academy, the foundations for its media grammar are to be created in a pilot phase at the Angewandte in dialogue with an international group of space-related performance artists from Europe and Southeast Asia. Starting in 2022, this grammar will be applied in a four-year academy initiated by theatercombinat.