WORK OUT #2: True/False: The Path in Between

Art & Science

A line connecting five different approaches to the conception of truth, from its binary behavior in logic, to an unrecognizable interwoven construction of it.
This exhibition displays the outcomes of examining the blurred borders of truthfulness and the hazy area around its possible values.
How much room is given for self-interpretation?
Works by Ivonne Gracia Murillo, Jasjote Grewal, Nora Lengyel, Marthin Rozo, Marc Schuran
Cooperation partner: Martin Reinhart (Principal investigator PEEK/FWF, Data Loam, University of Applied Arts Vienna)

WORK OUT #1–3: A presentation of three group-shows on three different evenings by the first year students of the Art & Science department of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

WORK OUT, an analogy to both physical activity as well as the process of problem solving, is the culmination of our first year of studies. Much like a science-oriented laboratory, the studios of the Art & Science department are a place where different narratives and visualization strategies are explored. Impacted by diverse discourses reaching from astronomy to medicine, critical studies to logic, the shows feature the diverse artistic practices of painting, drawing, building and performing in relationship to scientific inquiry.

The series starts with the subjective gaze inside, continues with experiments about the objective true–false dichotomy, and ends with practices negotiating and building intersubjective truths. We invite those outside of our subjective circle to join us, as we put our work out.


29. May 2018 - 18:00
Art & Science studios on the top floor, Hohenstaufengasse 9, 1010 Wien