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Trausenegger, Kai Stud.Ass.

Ein Fragment
Fragment, media installation, installation
A particle is taken from the centre of a structure. The fragment is released from its surroundings and brought into a new form. From now on, it floats in a parallel world in which it is thoroughly investigated and analysed. Once part of a whole, it is now being experimented on, reconstructed and translated. The original construct as well as the now to be explored fragment live in different worlds, which are separated by time, distance, haptics and optics. While the actually three-dimensional and "voluminous" carpet is perceived as flat, the visual information of the fragment in its two-dimensional representation becomes spatial. The transfer process by scanning and reshaping the segment in a curved form gives an insight to otherwise hidden levels. It has been digitized and robbed of its body, only the context created in the frame is preserved. Instead of the original surface it now stands as a pure information carrier. Gradually, more pieces of our environment are cut off and shipped to a virtual world. It offers us an endless dungeon of objects, in which spirits are kept and re-summoned by new devices, but can never be returned to their original state. Man, as an archivist of his environment, divides and dissects to form new forms. He analyzes and structures. His library is meant to last, and so we weave the other-worldly carpet of our culture
Kai Trausenegger
date and location
textile, videoscreen
135cm x 78cm