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Fröschl, Martina Sen.Sc. Dr.techn. MSc

Standort: Hintere Zollamtsstraße 17
Telefon: 71133-4822
Mobil: -
E-Mail: martina.froeschl@uni-ak.ac.at
Organisationseinheiten: Digitale Kunst
CRISPR/Cas9-NHEJ: action in the nucleus 2018
Computer-generated images of microscopic soil organisms for documentary films 2014
SIGGRAPH 2019 Art Gallery
General documents/publications
Drama im Deep Space - Noise Aquarium. (newspaper review). (mention), Österreich. 2018
PIXELvienna Magazin X. (conference proceedings). (editing), Wien (Österreich). 2016
PIXELvienna Magazin 9. (conference proceedings). (editing), Wien (Österreich). 2015
research projects
Noise Aquarium
awards and grants
Raw Science Award 2019
CRISPR/Cas9-NHEJ: action in the nucleus. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2017–2018
Noise Aquarium @ Media Art Nexus Screens NTU Singapur. (exhibition). (artist), Singapur (Singapur). 2017
Noise Aquarium @ Vis Matters. (exhibition). (artist), Sydney (Australien). 2017
QUT Cube Brisbane Noise Aquarium Screening. (exhibition). (artist), Brisbane (Australien). 2017
Noise Aquarium Presentation Work-in-Progress for BioTechArt Honor Students 2017
conferences & symposia
EuroVis. (conference). (attendance), Brno (Tschechien). 2018
Med Viz Focus Day. (guest lecture). (organisation), Deutschland. 2018
SIGGRAPH 2018. (conference). (attendance), Vancouver (Kanada). 2018
Blender Conference. (conference). (attendance), Amsterdam (Österreich). 2017
Expanded Animation - Ars Electronica. (conference). (attendance), Linz (Österreich). 2017
Expanded Animation - Ars Electronica. (conference). (attendance), Linz (Österreich). 2016
FMX 2016. (conference). (attendance), Stuttgart (Deutschland). 2016
conference contributions
Challenges of Humanity and the Creative Use of XR 2019
CRISPR/Cas9 Gen-Manipulation visualisiert! Kunst und Wissenschaft im Wechselspie 2018
CRISPR/Cas9-NHEJ: action in the nucleus 2018
Narration in Scientific Visualizations of the ScienceVisualizationLabAngewandte 2018
Stem Cell - CRISPR 2018
3D Audio Visual Experience of Plankton in Noise Pollution 2017
Hybrid methods in a project collaboration between UCLA and SciVizLab Angewandte 2017
Noise Aquarium Visualisation 2017
Fluid Systems - LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) 2016
Microscopic 3D Data Processing in Blender 2016
Immersive Experience. (screening). (artist), Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, OR, USA. 2019
Drama im Deep Space. (general media contribution). (mention), Wien (Österreich). 2018
JURY MEMBERS – RADAR STUDENT AWARD 2018. (expert function). (jury (competition)), Wien (Österreich). 2018
PIXELvienna Animationfestival. (series of events). (director/administrator), Wien (Österreich). 2017
Jurorin. (expert function). (jury (competition)), Wien (Österreich). 2016
PIXELvienna Animationfestival. (series of events). (director/administrator), Wien (Österreich). 2016
Science Visualization Lab. (focus of activity). (project lead). 2016
Noise Aquarium im Deep Space des Ars Electronica Centers Linz 2018
Noise Aquarium at The Paseo Project 2018
CRISPR/Cas9-NHEJ: Action in the Nucleus 2018