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Armstrong, Leah Sen.Sc. PhD

Standort: Postgasse 6 2. St.
Telefon: 71133-2801
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E-Mail: leah.armstrong@uni-ak.ac.at
Fashioning Professionals: Representation and Identity at Work in the Creative... 2018
'A new image for a new profession...' 2017
'Steering a Course between Professionalism and Commercialism...' 2015
'Working from Home: Fashioning the Designer in Britain' 2018
General documents/publications
Interactions in the Museum: The Design Culture Salons at the V&A. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), London (GB u. Nordirland). 2016
Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design (Twenty one entries). (series/monographic series). (author), London (GB u. Nordirland). 2015
International Design Organisations: Histories, Legacies, Values. (conference paper). (chair).
awards and grants
AHRC CDA Full Scholarship 2010
AHRC MA Full Scholarship 2009
Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design. (exhibition). (artist), Weil am Rhein (Deutschland). 2018–2019
Portraits: Women Designers. (solo exhibition). (artist), London (GB u. Nordirland). 2012
BA Humanities: Studying Cultures and Approaching Narratives 2015
conferences & symposia
Fashion Utopias. (panel discussion). (lecture), Arnheim (Niederlande). 2018
Transparency in Design: From the age of enlightenment to the age of endarkenment. (guest lecture). (lecture), Vienna (Österreich). 2017
conference contributions
Mapping the Design Profession in Britain: 1960-2014 2014
'Every Designer is an Archivist'.... (general media contribution). (mention), Bratislava (Slowakei). 2018
Book Launch: Fashioning Professionals. (book presentation). (chair), London (GB u. Nordirland). 2018
Papanek Symposium 2017: Design and Ethics. (colloquium). (chair), London (GB u. Nordirland). 2017
ProtoPublics Sprint. (series of events). (director/administrator), Lancaster (GB u. Nordirland). 2015