Teachers and Employees

Gulinska, Anna Univ.-Ass. MArch

Standort: Schwanzer-Trakt 1. St.
Telefon: 71133-2336
Mobil: -
E-Mail: anna.gulinska@uni-ak.ac.at
Organisationseinheiten: Architekturentwurf 1
General documents/publications
ISLAND, CITY, VILLAGE, RIVER. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Wien, Österreich. 2019
Improvement to the life standard quality. (conference proceedings). (author), Polen. 2010
awards and grants
MAM F&E Zentrum 2018
Studienzentrum Montanuniversität 2018
aspern Seestadt - Baufeld H6 Ort: 2018
Paracelsusbad Salzburg 2014
Rosenhügel 2014
Red Bull Training Center 2013
Cloud as an Archive* 2011
Urban development of post industrial city center of DG 2010
Vienna Biennale 2017 - 'Hello, Robot.'. (group exhibition). (artist), Vienna (Österreich). 2017
Essence 2016. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2016
Final Exhibition of the Thesis Projects TPAI. (group exhibition). (artist), Österreich. 2015
Competitive Hypothesis. (group exhibition). (artist), New York (USA). 2013
OSSA texture of the city. (group exhibition). (curator), Polen. 2008
‘Embodied Togetherness’ - Travelling Workshop Program IoA 2017
Jury Member at Department of Landscape Architecture 2015
Summerschool Workshop Leitung 2015
Invited Guest-Critic at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Building Process 2014
Design Tutor at ECOWeek Cracow International Seven-Day Think-Tank 2013
OSSA Curator / Member of the Board 2004–2008
conferences & symposia
MAK FUTURE LAB: KEPOS – Prototype of an urban garden pavilion. (conference). (attendance), Vienna (Österreich). 2017
conference contributions
The Cloud* as an Archive 2014
Beirut - the Body Intensities and Speculation. 2013
Beirut PoroCity - The Body Intensities and Speculation 2013
Holes/ Implication via Kangaroo Live 3d Physics and Polygons 2013
Bringing back the life to half-dead urban structures 2012
OSSA - the workshop idea 2008
Studienzentrum Montanuniversität 2018
WB Aspern Baufeld H6. (focus of activity). (project lead). 2017–2018
WB MAM F&E Zentrum. (focus of activity). (project lead). 2017–2018
WB Siemensgründe. (focus of activity). (project lead). 2017
Active Public Space. (focus of activity). (project lead). 2015–2017
Joint Master TPAI - Territorial Planning Art and Innovation. (focus of activity). (project lead). 2014–2016
Interioricity Athens. (focus of activity). (project lead). 2014–2015