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Hornek, Katrin wiss. Mitarb. Mag.art.

Interdisziplinäre / projektorientierte Lehre
Humans move more sediment, sand and rocks annually than rivers, erosion and other nonhuman processes together. Human activities are becoming a geological force, irreversibly changing the composition of the earth’s crust. The Donauinsel is an artificial island which was built between 1972 – 1988 as part of Vienna’s flood protection system. The surface of the excavated material taken from the constructed discharge canal - the new island - was modeled after an idealistic landscape for leisure. The island as a sign has generally served as a macrocosmic model for the construction of (Western) worldviews - as a projection surface for utopian thinking and escapism, for demonic nightmares, scientific laboratories, fiscal paradises, military spheres, exclusive leisure zones, and ascetic ideals. The Donauinsel is 21 km long and serves several purposes. A party zone called Copa Cagrana is located close to the reconstruction of an alluvial forest relict which is situated next to one of the biggest urban naturism (FKK) zones. Touching the Danube and the OMV, the island is connected to an international network of trade and energy production and its global impacts. Our landing point for explorations will be several public fire pits on the Donauinsel. In BBQ meetings we will develop and discuss site-specific projects while thinking about our intimate interconnections with oily dinosaur bones, ice cream and Waluliso. We will explore what it means to live in the Anthropocene to continue with Timothy Morton’s term: In a world where transformations occur at earth magnitude and on a geological scale which challenges our imagination and reshapes our cultural paradigms. We will find ways of letting things speak through art as a mediator and decide together which exhibition format suits us best to make the developed works public.
Lehrtätigkeit: Artificial Islands. From BBQ to FKK to OMV
Zeitraum: 12.04.2016 bis 28.06.2016
Link: http://www.ortsbezogenekunst.at/notes/view/artificial-islands-from-bbq-to-fkk-to-omv/en