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Hornek, Katrin wiss. Mitarb. Mag.art.

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For the exhibition “A sculpture meant to be lived on”, the commissioned computation of Robert Barry’s Helium atoms in the atmosphere in 2008 (from: Inert gas series: Helium. Sometime during the morning of March 5,1969, 2 cubic feet of Helium will be released into the atmosphere) - gets juxtaposed with contemporary earth-scale concepts informed by Geo-engineering. Visually inspired by crystal structures used for climate engineering purposes in the ocean and the stratosphere, environmental and institutional questions are raised, tracing power relations between white cubes and blue planets. Connecting the outer space and the ocean floor through its resources (manganese nodule mining, asteroid mining) political questions concerning how to share common goods found on globally governed territories arise. Facing an increasing shortage of resources, asteroid and deep sea mines are loosing their abstract model-status and will be very likely realized into frontiers of the near future. In a geological manner, the white cube of Office hours placed in a former factory asks: how can art – originating also from a sculpting background contribute to the proposed co-shaping process of the Anthropocene?
Bezeichnung der Präsentation: A sculpture meant to be lived on
Art der Präsentation: Einzelausstellung
Präsentationsort: Office Hours, Los Angeles (Österreich)
Datum: 02.05.2014
Link: http://www.officehours.la/KATRIN-HORNEK-DR-ZOCHLING