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Kwinter, Sanford Hon.Prof.

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Panel Discussion: Age Of Geography, Population displacement and the fate of cosmopolitanism The pressures that will affect the shape and experience of our cities and civic life in the coming years may well supersede those that have so powerfully marked them in the past two decades: neoliberalism. Even the old polarities of north-south are being transfigured by geopolitical turbulence patterns that will challenge not only the ideas, but the very scale of design thinking and speculation itself. As not only war, religion, ethnicity, arms, communications and resource extraction are now transforming—at once laying to waste and explosively jerrybuilding ancient and new mass settlement sites—the prospects of climate change seem to promise transformations and shifts in population distribution that are likely to change the meaning of “global” in ways no theorist or designer has yet begun to imagine. The landscape that presents itself to the speculative design imagination today is almost unrecognizable. Yet among the most promising developments are the willingness of certain practitioners to engage the new patterns of development—at whatever scale they present—that are coming our way: the reconfiguration of how we think territory, sovereignty and population, in other words, a new ‘geographical imperative’. Panel guests Gerald Bast—President University of Applied Arts Vienna Charlie Hailey—Professor School of Architecture, University of Florida Sanford Kwinter—Theorist, Professor University of Applied Arts Vienna Rachel Silvey—Professor University of Toronto Eyal Weizman—Architect, Professor Goldsmiths University of London, Scholar Princeton University
Titel der Ausst. / Veranstaltung: Age Of Geography, Population displacement and the fate of cosmopolitanism
Veranstaltende Einrichtung: Architekturbiennale Venedig, Venedig (Italien)
Funktion: Kuratieren
Link: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4MFsR6vTlc