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Denzer, Ricarda Sen.Lect. Mag.art.

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The Inner Acoustic Ricarda Denzer Brandon LaBelle Ines Lechleitner Annette Stahmer Imogen Stidworthy Errant Bodies Kollwitzstrasse 97 10435 Berlin www.errantbodies.org Acoustics is mostly understood in terms of architectural spaces and materiality external to the body. Yet what of the resonances and echoes that transverse the inner rooms of the body? The inner voices and sounding memories that impart so much influence onto our perceptions and understandings? If acoustics assists in orienting ourselves spatially, the inner soundings are equally complex events by which we navigate the world. Bringing together international artists focused on the inner voice, vocal resonance, and the poetics of the sounded, the exhibition gives important attention to the voice as an audible threshold between inner and outer. The exhibition is presented as part of Transmediale and CTM Vorspiel program 2015.
Bezeichnung der Präsentation: The Inner Acoustic
Art der Präsentation: Gruppenausstellung
Präsentationsort: Errant Bodies / Transmediale and CTM Vorspiel, Berlin (Deutschland)
Datum: 24.01.2015
Link: http://errantbodiesspace.blogspot.co.uk