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Kimmel, Tanja Univ.-Ass. Dipl.-Rest. (FH)

4 Universities 4 Konavle. Implementing Collection Care Project
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Conservation and Restoration, textile work
To implement a collection care project in Konavle Heritage Museum together with our international cooperating partners from Dubvronik, Germany and Hungary. Konavle Heritage Museum: The Konavle Heritage Museum in Čilipi was founded in 1974. Situated in the centre of Čilipi in a great stone house built in 1909 for the purpose of holding the public events of the rural savings bank and as a Cultural Dome. Until the Homeland War in 1991, the museum was furnished like a typical Konavle house with furniture, utensils and a fireplace as well as exhibits of male and female folk costumes and embroidery and weaving. The majority of the exhibits were collected as gifts from the local population of Konavle, whilst a part was purchased. The museum was renovated in 2007 and now works as part of the Konavle Museums and Galleries institution. The conserved exhibits which are part of the Croatian cultural heritage today represent a high-quality exhibition of the folk costumes and textile products of Konavle, a permanent exhibition of the museum which is complemented by exhibits from the Konavle Association of Embroiderers. Thanks to its quality, uniqueness and number of exhibits, this local Konavle museum is a source of “Konavle embroidery” and costumes. Today there are some more than 600 exhibits in the ethnographic collection of the Konavle Heritage Museum – a preserved pre-war fundus and items purchased and donated to the museum in the post-war period. It is an exhibition of the highest quality for male and female folk costumes, embroidery and other textile handcrafts, jewellery, weapons, musical instruments, furniture and a number of practical items. International cooperation partners are: University of Dubrovnik, Arts and Restoration Department University of Technology, Arts, Sciences, CICS-Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Department of Conservation Museums and Galeries of Konavle (Zavičajni muzej Konavala)
Tanja Kimmel
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2018-09-17 – 2018-09-21
Dubrovnik (Kroatien)
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University of Dubrovnik, Arts and Restoration Department