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Pires Mata, Markus Sen.Lect. Mag.art.

the very island - workshop // fashion
Design (Fine Arts)
CONCEPT NOTE “The label house of the very island’s club division middlesex klassenkampf but the question is where are you, now? was founded in 2006. House of the very island´s started out as a cooperation of four designers rooted in a network of underground artists, musicians and film-makers in Vienna. Since 2008 Karin Krapfenbauer and Markus Hausleitner work as a team focusing explicitely on fashion. Heading for an all sexes avant-garde casual wear “House of” combines effortless wearability with conceptual patternmaking and explicit silhouettes. A key aspect is the use of ecological and fair trade materials. The focus on sustainability is not only due to political convictions but an aesthetic choice. The sensual quality of hand woven textures, the liveliness of plant colours and the wearing charecteristics of organic materials are essential part of the looks. The collections are presented twice a year during “Paris-Men´s-Wear-Fashion Week” and “Tokyo-Fashion-Week”. The aim of the workshop is to provide an insight into the work of fashion designers and the development of a collection: from first ideas and inspirations, over the actual garments, to defining looks and images, until a final presentation. This process of making fashion should be the starting point for the participants to create their own interpretation of a fashion look and a way to present it to an audience. The workshop consists of three parts: During the first part, each group of students will work on a ready-made garment (army parka). The main emphasis is not on designing a single, fashionable piece of clothing, but to create a whole look. The given garment simply provides a familiar starting point to develop a new silhouette. It can be used as part of a styling, altered in any possible way or destroyed by giving it an altogether different shape. Additional pieces of clothing or any kind of objects can be added. The second step is to turn the silhouette into an image and to develop modes of presentation that match the intended look. All sorts of media can be used, from live performance or installation to photo or video work. At this point, groups could also decide to cooperate on images that combine several silhouettes (e.g. to dress a group of people) Part three of the workshop is dedicated to organising the actual presentation of the works and their documentation. The groups will cooperate to create an event (or a set of events) that will present the finished “images” to an audience consisting of the workshop participants and their guests. the actual setting will be decided with the students according to their works.
Markus Pires Mata
title of event
design university umea
karin krapfenbauer
date, time and location
2013-01-14 – 2013-01-18
umea (Schweden)