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Widrich, Virgil Univ.-Prof.

The highlight of an academic year at the Angewandte is the annual exhibition "The Essence". "The Essence" showcases the origins and development processes of selected individual and group projects by students and graduates from the preceding winter and summer semesters. They represent the various art and design departments as extraordinary idea workshops with their own unique profile. Together with lecturers and students curators organise an exhibtion of the most intriguing projects Architecture, Industrial Design, Fine Arts, Stage Design, Design, Conservation and Restoration, Media Art, and Language Art, staging them in a prominent museum context in Vienna: art and design as a seismograph of a changing society, as a form-giver of society, as an institution that provokes change.
Beitrag: The Essence 2017
Titel der Veranstaltung: the Essence 2017
VeranstalterIn: Unviersität für Angewandte Kunst, wien, Österreich
Datum: 27.06.2017
Link: http://www.instituteofdesign.at/current-eventsarchive/detail/the-essence-2017.ht