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Widrich, Virgil Univ.-Prof.

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In contrast to romantic images that were true 100 years ago, today Shanghai is a global city, which in the last two decades has been ranked as the fastest developing city in the world. Shanghai is the financial and commercial capital of China and a key city in the globalization process of its finances, industry, and products. What would be the place of tradition and craftsmanship in such an environment? Mass consumption requires mass-standardized products and the packaging industry may be one of the most affected commercial branches by standardization. What if we give a chance to local traditions by opening the chest of forgotten treasures of the past? University of Applied Arts Vienna/Art & Science in collaboration with TU – Technische Universität Wien, presents the works of the students from SIVA – Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts – in an unusual exhibition: TALE OF TWO CITIES. The fundament of SIVA’s packaging design works is based on ancient Shanghainese craftsmanship, which incorporates traditional materials, shapes, and colours giving us the scent of the Far East in a more and more standardized world. The students of SIVA gave a chance to traditions, under the supervision of their mentors – Prof. Gu Chuanxi and Prof. Hu Jijun – stating that traditional craftsmanship is also modernity. The TALE OF TWO CITIES was shown in London and Paris and after Vienna will continue next year in Shanghai at the invitation of SIVA – Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts – when young designers from Vienna will have the chance to present their concepts about the future of the Viennese design.
Titel der Ausst. / Veranstaltung: THE TALE OF TWO CITIES Tradition in Globalization
Veranstaltende Einrichtung: AIL - Angewandte Innovation Lab, Wien (Österreich)
Funktion: Kuratieren