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Kartak, Oliver Univ.-Prof.

What needs to be told / exercises & experiments in Visual Storytelling
Interdisziplinäre / projektorientierte Lehrtätigkeit
Gender studies, Design (Fine Arts), Knowledge management
WHAT NEEDS TO BE TOLD Exercises & experiments in Visual Storytelling Stories provide a tool to transfer knowledge in a social context. Storytelling is the means for sharing and interpreting this knowledge. Visual Storytelling is the means of the Graphic Designer to tell what needs to be told. The blueprint to this project is the design exhibition „SearchFindLikeShare“ by the dutch curator Dennis Elbers, for the design festival in Breda, Netherlands. Dennis was our Diploma Jury guest last semester and also held a lecture for us. During the month of october you will be presented with four contemporary topics of broad interest. We will watch films, go places and invite many guests to our class for mutual discussion. Together we will look at visual storytelling works from graphic designers in Dennis Elbers` exhibition for orientation. You will then choose two of these four topics for deeper research according to your specific interest. Research will provide the information needed by you to communicate this knowledge via means of visual storytelling. You have free choice of medium. Work will be done in teams of two students from semesters 3 – 7, plus one additional fresh student or erasmus student or guest student. Team size is therefore 2 – 3 people. Teams may change for the second choice of topic. The project will very likely extend into the summer semester.
Oliver Kartak
date, time and location
2013-10-01 – 2014-06-25