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Gansterer, Nikolaus Univ.-Lekt. Mag.art.

The March Meeting 2018 at the Sharjah Art Institute, in the United Arab Emirates explores issues of resistance through consideration of organising as a primary act of and condition for artistic and cultural production. Over three days, the meeting will provide an opportunity to collectively examine practices in art, writing, film, music, performance and architecture that extend and intensify engagement with present and past knowledges of resistance. How do questions of organising enable us to conceptualise resistance as not only a practice of ‘standing against’ but also one of ongoing exchange and future planning? How might such thinking help us reassess art’s relationship to notions of authorship, agency, power and the public? Nikolaus Gansterer was invited by curator Claire Tancons to join the MM 2018 in preparation for the upcoming 14th Sharjah Art Biennial in 2019.
VeranstalterIn: SAF, Sharjah (Vereinigte arab. Emirate)
Datum: 17.03.2018