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Gansterer, Nikolaus Univ.-Lekt. Mag.art.

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Proxemics (founded by anthroplogist Edward T. Hall) is the study of spatial proximities that individuals maintain in various social and interpersonal situations and how this behaviour varies depending on environmental and cultural factors. Nikolaus Gansterer and Monika Grzymala will transform the gallery into an experimental arrangement in order to enter a non-verbal dialogue. Here space is mapped and decoded as social, physical and psychological construction. In order to explore spatiality per se and to co-create new work the gallery will transform in a week long process into an extension of the artists’ bodies based on their interpersonal articulation. The outcome of this experimental dialogue sets up a mutual relationscape between the art, gallery space and visitors of exhibition.
Bezeichnung der Präsentation: PROXEMIA - THE CO-CREATION OF SPACE
Art der Präsentation: Einzelausstellung
Präsentationsort: Gallery Marie-Laure Fleisch, Rom (Italien)
Datum: 09.12.2015
Link: http://www.galleriamlf.com/en/mostre/57/nikolaus-gansterer-monika-grzymala/