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Gansterer, Nikolaus Univ.-Lekt. Mag.art.

A public performative presentation in the framework of the dialogue series "Zungen künstlerischer Forschung / Tongues of Artistic Research" artist/performer Nikolaus Gansterer and theoretician/philosopher Karin Harrasser will discuss which role cultural techniques of notation and inscription do play as underlying instruments of all artistic and scientific practices at Tanzquartier Studios Wien. Initiated and curated by Krassimira Kruschkova.
Titel der Veranstaltung: Zungen künstlerischer Forschung / Tongues of Artistic Research
VeranstalterIn: Tanzquartier Studios
Titel des Vortrags: FINDING PROBLEMS – DRAWING CONCLUSIONS. A PING PONG (Vortrag auf Einladung)
Datum: 17.04.2015
Co-Vortragende(r): Karin Harasser
Link: http:///www.tqw.at/de/theorie-diskurs