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Kräftner, Bernd Sen.Lect. Dr.

Standort: Salzgries 14 2. St.
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E-Mail: bernd.kraeftner@uni-ak.ac.at
Organisationseinheiten: Digitale Kunst, Art & Science
‘I don't know whether I need a further level of disaster’ 2013
The prevalence of patients in a vegetative state and minimally conscious state 2011
Das Dilemma der Diplomaten: Pflegen und Wissen auf einer Wachkomastation 2009
Incubations: Inventing Preventive Assemblages 2018
Creating Idiotic Speculators: Disaster Cosmopolitics in the Sandbox 2016
The syndrome we care for 2010
Washing and Assessing: Multiple Diagnoses and Hidden Talents 2009
Die Ausstellung als Inkubator. Über Kunst und Ethnografie 2008
Syndrombildung als transdisziplinäre Teilnahme 2007
Walking on a Storyboard, Performing Shared Incompetence. 2007
General documents/publications
Caring - Enactments of Heterogeneous Relationships. (artistic book/catalogue). (editor), Vienna (Österreich). 2017
Some Private Notes on Care. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Vienna (Österreich). 2017
Taking Care - Pillow Research. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), BERLIN GRAZ (Deutschland). 2014
„Fredericks  »unnormale«  Notvorräte. (online newspaper article). (mention), Zürich (Schweiz). 2014
Penser avec (la chemise de) Marcel.. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Wien (Österreich). 2011
Ich tanze die zirkuläre Notlage der doppelten Kontingenz. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Wien (Österreich). 2008
Outline of a clinico-political approach to a “consciousness-multiple”. (artistic publication). (author), Wien (Österreich). 2008
Topographien des Möglichen. (scientific publication). (author), Österreich. 2007
Consequential Choices. Versions of Atlas Making. (group exhibition). (curator), Wien (Österreich). 2015
Minisymposium/The File. On the temporal dimensions of electronic patient records. (group exhibition). (curator), Vienna (Österreich). 2015
Minisymposium: The Project. Reflecting on the logic of project economies. (group exhibition). (curator), Wien (Österreich). 2015
Postindustrial Blacksmithing and ecological science. (group exhibition). (curator), Wien (Österreich). 2015
Types of Helping. (group exhibition). (artist), Pleven (Bulgarien). 2015
Workshop Care: Build and hack the Trinity synth by Bastl Instruments. (group exhibition). (curator), Wien (Österreich). 2015
Biosphere N+1 Transdisciplinarity Play in Three Acts. (group exhibition). (curator), Wien (Österreich). 2014
Silence and Noise in Interaction. An ecology of heterogeneous sign systems. (group exhibition). (curator), Belgrad (Serbien). 2014
Topografie des Möglichen. Was ist ein Körper? Was ist eine Person?. (solo exhibition). (artist), Absberg (Deutschland). 2014
(Human) Necessities - 15 steps to a wonderful patent. (group exhibition). (curator), Brno (Tschechien). 2013
JOUR FIXE Art as Research. Research as Art. Anything goes?. (group exhibition). (curator), Wien (Österreich). 2013
Sensory Regulation. The electrodermal activity of a hare – a fairy tale. (group exhibition). (artist), Graz (Österreich). 2013
Shared Inc.: Collective Sensor. (solo exhibition). (artist), Brno (Tschechien). 2013
The Teeth of the Hedgehog. (group exhibition). (artist), Moskau (Russ. Föderation). 2013
Frederick's Notvorräte. Eine Fabelwerkstatt für zukünftige Katastrophen. (group exhibition). (artist), Stuttgart (Deutschland). 2012
JOUR FIXE Art as Research. Research as Art. Anything goes?. (group exhibition). (curator), Vienna (Österreich). 2012
Out of the Sandbox. Frederick’s Disaster Scenarios and Emergency Provisions. (solo exhibition). (artist), Bielefeld (Deutschland). 2012
The belly of the hedgehog - the hare as therapist. (group exhibition). (artist), Bregenz (Österreich). 2012
The belly of the hedgehog - the hare as therapist. (group exhibition). (artist), Vienna (Österreich). 2012
Coded Cultures: Electrodermal activity of a hare. A fairy tale.. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2011
VIENNA ART WEEK, "Things that talk". (group exhibition). (curator), Wien (Österreich). 2011
Paraflows08: Ich tanze die zirkuläre Notlage der doppelten Kontingenz. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2008
"Köperpflege und Seelsorge: Was ist ein Körper / eine Person?. (exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2006
"die wahr/falsch inc. Eine Wissenschaftsausstellung in der Stadt". (group exhibition). (curator), Wien (Österreich). 2006
The Landing is on Friday - Exhibition, Happening, Artistic Research 2018
In The Woods - In The Wild 2016–2018
Caring. Enactments of Heterogeneous Relationships 2016–2017
Workshop: ontological politics 2011
Workshop on Science in Society 2009
Ein Parlament der Tiere 2007
Projektarbeit: Ausstellungsbeteiligung 2006
conferences & symposia
Diskussion. (guest lecture). (organisation), Berlin (Deutschland). 2015
Seminar. (guest lecture). (organisation), Milton Keynes & Lancaster (GB u. Nordirland). 2015
discussing artistic research. (guest lecture). (organisation), Paris (Frankreich). 2011
conference contributions
Art Science 2019
The framing of monsters 2018
Don’t leave the kitchen!” A recipe for Art-Science Incubations 2016
Incubations: Research between Art and STS 2016
Leben in Grenzbereichen - über die Betreuung von Menschen im Wachkoma zu Hause 2016
Aesthetics and Anaesthetics Transfusion experiments in Art & Science 2015
Greetings from ComaClinicoHill. Cross medial research. 2015
How to cook a stew made from Art, Activism and a dash of Science? 2015
Where do we want to be, if it happens? 2015
Creating Idiotic Speculators: Disaster Cosmopolitics in the Sandbox 2014
Forschungszentrum für geteilte Inkompetenz 2014
Research Centre for Shared Incompetence 2014
The Hare and The Hedgehog 2014
Truth is Concrete Podiumsdiskussion 2014
Wahr/Falsch Inc. 2014
Best regards from the Syndrome Archipelago Excerpts from a family album 2013
Best regards from the Syndrome Archipelago. Excerpts from a family album 2013
Forschen in unbekannten Gewässern – Ein Reisebericht 2013
Incubating a Syndrome – Crossmedial Sociology? 2013
Komödie der Irrtümer – oder: Wie erforsche ich ein Syndrom? 2013
Kunst und Wissenschaft – Lust und Frust einer Interdisziplinarität 2013
Transdisciplinarity in the wild … politics and practices of (clinical) care 2013
Frederick’s Sandbox: A Device to Create Better Emergency (Pro)-Visions 2012
Frederick’s Sandbox: From Psychotherapy and Strategy to a STS-Disaster ... 2012
Out of the sandbox: Fredericks disaster scenarios and emergency provisions 2012
Politics and Practices of Care – excerpt from a family album 2012
Das (apallische) Syndrom als Schiff: wer bastelt mit (während es fährt)? 2011
Die Kunst, an einem Syndrom (an)teilzunehmen. 2011
Frederick and the Sandbox: Methods for Researching Disastrous Futures 2011
Frederick in der Sandkiste - Versionen gegenwärtiger Zukünfte 2011
Who Cares? Research Centre for Shared Incompetence 2011
Pillow Research: Multiple Diagnoses and Hidden Talents 2010
Research Centre for Shared Incompetence: A risky bet 2010
Die Wette oder Polsterforschung: multiple Diagnosen und verborgene Talente 2009
Dwelling between Pillows 2008
Assessing Assessing 2007
Ausstellung als Inkubator 2006
Der diskrete Charme der Ethnographie. 2006
Inside Life and Death: The syndrome we care for 2006
Circuit Training. A foray into the world of the Large Hadron Collider. (event). (contribution), Vienna - Geneva (Österreich). 2017
Member of Editorial Board of "Demontrations". (expert function). (contribution), London (GB u. Nordirland). 2016–2018
Vorstandsmitglied ÖWG. (expert function). (board of directors), Wien (Österreich). 2014–2018
Jury member for the Curator in Residence program "departure studio 2014". (expert function). (jury (competition)), Wien (Österreich). 2014
Comedy of Errors, Tragedy of Decisions – Greetings from a Syndrom-Archipel. (focus of activity). (project lead). 2013–2021
14/16 On-Site Research micro exhibits at six places. (series of events). (director/administrator), Wien (Österreich). 2013
Crucial Experiments. (series of events). (director/administrator), Wien (Österreich). 2013
“In the event of…”. (focus of activity). (project lead). 2013
“In the event of…” Anticipatory and participatory politics of emergency provisio. (focus of activity). (project lead). 2010–2012
JOUR FIXE Art as Research. Research as Art. Anything goes?. (series of events). (director/administrator), Wien (Österreich). 2010
Polsterforschung: Multiple Diagnosen und verborgene Talente. (focus of activity). (project lead). 2008–2012
Spekulieren mit dem Ungreifbaren 2014
Tod und Teilhabe 2013
Verfranzen mit Frederick 2013
Who is (not) afraid to say something about reality? About bombs and mirrors 2012