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Graf, Barbara Sen.Lect. Mag. art.

Embodying Knowledge, Objects and Images in the Biomedical Context
WWTF project
Kunst, Medizin
"CorpoRealities will explore forms of embodied knowledge in the biomedical context. For this medical practice will be analyzed as an emotional field, where empathy and personal proximity as well as distance between patients and health professionals are important issues. Performing fieldwork at the University Clinic / General Hospital in Vienna is one of the (multimedia) tools, which shall be developed - mediating between a scientific model of the Unified Patient and persons of flesh and blood." Christina Lammer (from the application) "In the CORPOrealities-project, the artists Barbara Graf and Catherine Rollier, the curators and scientists Cathrin Pichler (fine arts) and Christa Spatt (dance), and the sociologist and ethnographer Christina Lammer apply artistic sensibilities to investigate the modes of perception of the human body at the clinic. In a time span of five years, the researchers accompanied the development of the patient databank Unified Patient (UP) to achieve a better understanding of the differences between clinical cases and personal stories of the sick." Christina Lammer (from the final report)
project lead
Christina Lammer
project partners
Barbara Graf, Peter Pokieser, Cathrin Pichler, Catherine Rollier, Christa Spatt, Medical University Vienna, University of Applied Arts Vienna
WWTF / Science for Creative Industries
2004-05-31 – 2009-06-30