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Graf, Barbara Sen.Lect. Mag. art.

International Conference Medical Humanities
Interactions between Medicine and the Arts
medical humanities, art, medicine, drawing, perception
Arts and Medicine: on the Potentials of Transdisciplinary Encountres: Barbara Putz-Plecko and Barbara Graf It is possible to interrelate art and medicine in very different ways that can be enriching and enlightening for both fields of endeavor. By means of examples, the lecture will address forms of cross-disciplinary cooperation as well as the relevance and potentials of this boundary-opening joint exploration of approaches to problems and questions relative to research. Part one will deal with images and aesthetic objects and ways in which they are embedded in a psychodynamic context, with particular emphasis on the role played by processes of genesis of aesthetic form and design in arriving at a reorientation – with art serving as a "transitory body”. Part two presents current research projects, in particular the PhD project undertaken by Barbara Graf, Stitches and Sutures, which deals with the representability of the perception of the body. She asks herself how subjective sensations can be made visible and artistically explores her own sensory disturbances caused by multiple sclerosis (MS). What role do references and precognition play in the representation process? What new insights can artistic research provide?
Barbara Graf, Barbara Putz-Plecko
date, time and location
2019-10-11 – 2019-12-12
Wien, Österreich
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Medical University of Vienna, Vienna General Hospital