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Schubert, Franz Sen.Lect. Mag. art.

Standort: Schwanzer-Trakt Erdg.
Telefon: 71133-2640
Mobil: -
E-Mail: franz.schubert@uni-ak.ac.at
Organisationseinheiten: Digitale Kunst, Transmediale Kunst
Random Simulations for Generative Art Construction – Some Examples 2013
General documents/publications
#fuckreality. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Wien (Österreich). 2018
The Culture Collider: Post-Exotic Art. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Krakow (Polen). 2018
Real Shanzhai. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Hongkong (China). 2017
Shanzhai. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), China. 2016
Artists in Multifunctions. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Österreich. 2013
Bits to Pieces. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Österreich. 2013
Chaos, Noise, Randomness and Coincidence as Constitutional for Generative Art. (conference proceedings). (author), Ungarn. 2010
Videorama. Kunstclips aus Österreich. (artistic sound/image/data medium). (author), Bern (Schweiz). 2009
Diffusion Processes and Light Installations: Mathematics, Visualisation, and Per. (conference proceedings). (author), Leeuwarden (Niederlande). 2008
Image Stitching: From Mathematics to Arts. (conference proceedings). (author), Österreich. 2008
Kapital K, A Classless Character. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Eindhoven (Niederlande). 2008
The Culture Collider: Post-Exotic Art. (group exhibition). (artist), Krakow (Polen). 2018–2019
#fuckreality. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2018
*mediaopera: neue Zeiten. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2018
Geopolitical Images. (group exhibition). (artist), Shanghai (China). 2018
Geopolitical Images. (group exhibition). (artist), Shenzhen (China). 2018
A ditto, ditto device. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2017
1st Longli International New Media Art Festival. (group exhibition). (artist), Longli (China). 2016
AWAY – a project around residencies. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2016
After Show. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2016
IN.NO.SENSE. (group exhibition). (artist), Shenzhen (China). 2016
Quasar Delight. (group exhibition). (artist), Shanghai (China). 2016
Kunststoff. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2015
Tape Recordings. (group exhibition). (artist), Shanghai (China). 2015
XWRA Video and Media Art Festival. (group exhibition). (artist), Ipati (Griechenland). 2015
wrapped.kept.01. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2015
From Inner to Outer Shadow. (group exhibition). (artist), Istanbul (Türkei). 2014
Synchronized Reality. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2014
With Small Words. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2014
Electric Parade. (group exhibition). (artist), Villach (Österreich). 2013–2014
5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art: Bits to Pieces. (group exhibition). (artist), Moskau (Russ. Föderation). 2013
Artists in Multifunctions. (group exhibition). (artist), New Delhi (Indien). 2013
Djinni in a Bottle. (group exhibition). (artist), Bregenz (Österreich). 2012
Humanimals. (group exhibition). (artist), Shabla (Bulgarien). 2012
La Fin C´est Merde. (solo exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2012
The Absence. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2012
Vienna Art Fair. (presentation at a fair). (artist), wien (Österreich). 2012
minimal. (solo exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2012
Leise kriselt der S.... (group exhibition). (artist), Bregenz (Österreich). 2011–2012
Von Robotern die Bilder bauen. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2011
connected - listen to the other side. (group exhibition). (artist), Bregenz (Österreich). 2011
Hard to Sell, Good to Have. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2010
Videorama - Kunstclips aus Österreich. (group exhibition). (artist), Salzburg (Österreich). 2010
Videorama Artclips from Austria. (group exhibition). (artist), Warschau (Polen). 2010
Videorama. Kunstclips aus Österreich. (group exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2009–2010
Videorama Artclips from Austria. (group exhibition). (artist), Wichtrach/Bern (Schweiz). 2009
Kapital K - A Classless Character. (group exhibition). (artist), Eindhoven (Niederlande). 2008
float. (group exhibition). (artist), kitzbühel (Österreich). 2008
lehrauftrag für computeranimation 1998
conference contributions
Chaos, Noise, Randomness and Coincidence as Constitutional for Generative Art 2010
Image Stitching: From Mathematics to Arts 2008
Virtual Imagery Production (Fulldome Projection) for kondition pluriel. (event). (contribution), Montreal (Kanada). 2011
"Hommage an das Medium Video" in der Kunsthalle. (general media contribution). (mention), Klagenfurt (Österreich). 2009
DER ADLER VERLÄSST DEN ARBEITSPLATZ. (general media contribution). (mention), Deutschland. 2009
Ein opto-akustisches Paralleluniversum. (general media contribution). (mention), Wien (Österreich). 2009
Kunsthalle Wien: Videostars mit Mission. (general media contribution). (mention), Wien (Österreich). 2009
Videokunst in der Halle. (general media contribution). (mention), Wien (Österreich). 2009
Mathematical Methods for Images Analysis and Processing in the Visual Arts. (focus of activity). (project lead). 2006–2011