Focus Artistic Research


Ruth Mateus-Berr (PL), Christina May Yan Carli, Pia Scharler

The cross-border research cooperation Design & Innovation connects institutions from the fields of design, art, research and museum from Slovakia and Austria.The project aims at creating a Slovak-Austrian research cooperation between leading institutions with the goal of exploring contemporary design strategies in times of digital turn. Accompanying the project, the VŠVU and the University of Applied Arts Vienna are offering their students a research-oriented specialization.
How can human beings make the best possible use of the ongoing digital revolution and how can we cope with predictable undesirable developments?
What impact has the digital revolution to the fields of design, arts and architecture? What are the underlying theories? And what approaches and methods already exist?
In close collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava (VŠVU) young professionals and academics from various backgrounds are exchanging thoughts, positions, ideas and values around these topics, are entering into dialog with experts participating in the project and are developing concepts, objects and artistic interventions. Working in interdisciplinary teams and applying the method of „Social Design Thinking“ are playing an important role. The findings will be shared and discussed in a series of exhibitions accompanied by a range of fringe events taking place in Vienna and Bratislava.

Participation institutions / project partners: SCD – Slovak Design Center, Bratislava, MAK – Austrian Museum for Applied Arts/ Contemporary Art, Vienna, VŠVU – Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Design & Innovation receives support within the framework of the EU program INTERREG V-A Slovakia–Austria.