Focus Artistic Research

AXIOM: The first open source professional cinema camera

Project lead: Virgil Widrich

Team: Nils Gabriel, Max Gurresch, Sebastian Pichelhofer, Luise Reitstätter, Matthias Tarasiewicz, Sophie Wagner, Stefanie Wuschitz

Art & Science

The project AXIOM, funded by the EU in Horizon 2020 as Innovation Action, develops the first professional film  camera that can be produced, modified and adapted by everyone. The project is hosted at Art & Science at the University of Applied Arts and involves a consortium of four other organizations in three different EU countries: Apertus Association (Austria), antmicro (Poland), af inventions (Germany) and Denz (Germany).

AXIOM introduces the first professional, extendable, affordable and modular cinema camera platform based on Free Software, Open Design, Open Hardware, transparent development processes and extensive documentation. The project establishes an ecosystem that offers a sustainable basis for a broad spectrum of applications - including as an educational technology and research tool within the arts and sciences. AXIOM is not just a product, but rather a toolkit and ecosystem that will adapt over time, evolving for many years to come.

In the project timeframe of 15 months, the project aims to show a best-practice example in European Open Hardware development and documentation.


University of Applied Arts Vienna [Austria]

Aspertus Association [Austria]

Antmicro [Poland]

af inventions [Germany]

Denz [Germany]

More information on the project's website.