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The Entanglement between Gesture, Media and Politics

Florian Bettel, Konrad Strutz
Support Art and Research
“The Entanglement between Gesture, Media and Politics” is a research project investigating the interdependencies that exist between bodily movements or gestures, and ubiquitous, globally networked technologies. To display and displaying oneself gains greater significance within the context of the unrestricted and instantaneous global exchange of video material as well as in an everyday world increasingly defined by sensors and computers. Thus, the meaning of presence and publicness changes, evolves and new forms appear. These processes will be theorized and become tangible through an emphasis on the following two research questions:
  1. Im/Perceptible Gestures
    What is the transition point, the moment, when a movement is recognized as a gesture within a respective entanglement of sensory input and media technology? We explore the measurement of movements while handling technology, asking how it eventually is a mediated representation in itself.
  2. Political Gestures
    How do inter-subjectively comprehensible gestures become powerful conveyors of political concerns? Political gestures relate to a certain context or situation. They are not political by themselves; these gestures have to be mediated to gain meaning and significance. 

Scientists and artists are working together over the course of two years, participating in three international workshops where they bring together various fields of research and diverse artistic media such as: Sound, performance art, and visual art, as well as media studies, dance science, history of technology, and social sciences. Besides fundamental research, working with exemplary gestures and movements will also take place as part of the workshops. To enable and support the interdisciplinary approach, a special framework was designed: Through so called transformation chains, individual research work and the participants’ respective methodologies are connected within a performative space. The individual material will literally be transformed by approaching it from different perspectives, making a net of representations and shared experiences visible and generating knowledge on the basis of this synthesis. During a final symposium in Berlin (Fall 2018) the results as well as the process itself will be presented to a wider public.
Funded by Volkswagen Foundation within the framework of the “Arts&Science in Motion”-programme.
Irina Kaldrack (lead), Tobias Schulze
Braunschweig University of Art (HBK)
Florian Bettel, Konrad Strutz
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Timo Herbst
artist, Leipzig
Dina Boswank
artist, Berlin
Laurie Young
artist, Berlin
Stefanie Kiwi Menrath
ASH Berlin
Start: April 2017, duration: 2 years

Konrad Strutz: „21.3.2011 19:43–22.3.2011 13:04. 2011“ (Lambdaprint, 100 x 125 cm).