Focus Scientific Research

Discover Peace in Europe

Barbara Putz-Plecko

Art and Communication Practices

This project, starting in October 2012, aims to produce "Peace Trails" in seven European cities: Berlin, Budapest, Manchester, Paris, The Hague, Torino & Vienna. The objective of this project is to draw awareness to peace, human rights and the development of democracies in historical and contemporary activities.
Since the 19th century peace movements have emerged throughout Europe. Ever since then peace activities are taking place, but there is little knowledge about this in public. Numerous monuments display publicly "heroes of wars". But peace matters hardly ever are subject for memorial culture. For instance not one prominent location exists in Vienna to honour the memory of Bertha von Suttner!
This project emphasizes the importance of personal commitments for the civil society: pacifism, human rights, gender and ecological themes. Peace education promotes the necessary shift in language, thinking and acting. Participation is the core condition for democracies.
One important aim is to establish multipliers who will lead tours on these trails and provide information even after the end of the funding period of this project. Besides we will carry out peace trail activities and events in all partner cities, especially in summer 2014 to counterbalance the foreseeable abundance of 1914 First World War mementos. Our aim is to remind not on war issues but on the peace movement activities at the time. Engagement for peace matters hardly ever receives serious public attention, but "Discover Peace in Europe" wants be one of the cornerstones for a development of acknowledgement of activities for social justice. 

  • University of Applied Arts/Austria, Vienna, Barbara Putz?Plecko (Projectmanagement)
  • Konfliktkultur/Austria, Vienna, Susanne Jalka (Projectorganisation and coordination)
  • International Network of Museums for Peace/Netherlands, The Hague, Nike Liscaljet
  • Movimento Internazionale della Riconciliazione/Italy, Torino, Zaira Zafarana
  • Coordination pour l'éducation à la non-violence et à la paix/France, Paris, Christian Renoux
  • Vitakultura Egyesulet/Hungary, Budapest, Daniel Kovacs
  • Manchester City Counci Nuclear Free Local Authorities/England, Manchester, Sean Morris ?

Funding: European commission, Lifelong-Learning, Adult education Grundtvig