Artist Lecture Series Vienna

Jala Wahid

Jala Wahid, born in 1988 in London. She studied at Goldsmiths College, University of London and the Royal Academy Schools. Her work deals with the (Kurdish) body and the diasporic identity, always looking at various forms of violence (cultural, literal, political), all being subject to identity, and how these may be used in return as a form of self-preservation, resilience and defiance.
From a material perspective, Wahid’s practice includes sculpture, video, drawings and text. She looks into the emotional potential and the cultural and symbolic weight of materials, ranging from oil and natural fires in Kurdistan to breast milk and bile, all of them components of Kurdish tattooing. This is often choreographed with mythology, music, poetry, rituals, and a variety of cultural practices in order to place personal experiences in the broader context of diaspora politics.

Artist Lecture Series Vienna is artist run since 2010.
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Artist Lecture Series Vienna