Medical Visualization Focus Day

at the Science Visualization Lab of University of Applied Arts Vienna

The Science Visualization Lab of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Department of Digital Art, organizes a small conference day to start our planned medical project and reinforce our efforts in cell visualization.
We invited Sabrina Haase, Bianka Hofmann and Alexander Köhn of the Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing MEVIS team for hands-on presentations.

The talk "Flesh and Voxel - Artistic and Interactive Science Communication" focuses on possibilities of creative workflows with an also clinically used software. Participants have the chance to join a talk that could already inspire students of the Art | Sci Center UCLA.

The invited members of the team of Fraunhofer MeVis will show how to create images, videos, models for 3D printing and interactive exhibits with an expert platform usually used to develop medical applications for diagnosis and therapy planning. Talk followed by a hands-on presentation for an easy introduction to the freely available MeVisLab version. Learn how to use it as an artistic tool.

Hannah Klatt / Fraunhofer MEVIS