AISTHESIS: zur Meßbarkeit einer Sensation

Vortragsreihe der Abteilung Philosophie: È bello cio che è bello - Schön ist, was schön ist

Georg Blaha
Philosophie der Kooperation – Philosophy of Co-Operation Unser soziales Wesen – Our social Inside

Early anatomically modern humans succeeded in mastering their life through their ideas of the world and us in it, just as ideas shape our days today. Now it is time to find out about this human characteristics of success also ethically. The starting point is the statement that man is a being of division of labor and intelligence. After the long evolution of the hominids, aka humans and their predecessors, Aristotle found no more difficulty in saying, "Man has reason (zoon logon echon)!"
And "Man likes to be among his peers (zoon politicon)!" He could not possibly have been the first to say so. Where does our creative human history start? Who was the first man, how do we find him and did she only gather and foster children? "They are original adapters." Aurora Skala, Canadian anthropologist. The making, the creating, the original adaptors who know how to get through.
Hard work. How lucky we were to make it. How? Because our human race is the sole survivor who outmatches all other species with his social powers. Astonishing, how humans have ever become human? The talk will be the summary of open questions.