The Angewandte during the Corona Semester

The University of Applied Arts Vienna has undertaken a variety of measures to keep the university running as best as possible under the current circumstances – in the sense of balancing security for all persons working/studying at the Angewandte on the one hand and continuing productive collaboration of all on the other hand. 
All relevant information regarding this matter has been gathered by subject as follows: 

Current Information from the Rectorate 
(Update: September 11, 2020) 

Overview of Measures:
- Effective from July, members of the University are once again able to enter the buildings provided certain rules are observed - see „Overview Access June/July" (updated 1 September 2020) plus „Hygiene Regulations“.
- With effect from 1 September, the University Library resumes its on campus-operations. During opening hours, both University and external members can once again use the media items available in open access and borrow them on the spot. There is a limited number of seats (work stations) available for members of the University.    
The Measures in Detail:
Please see the rectorate’s comprehensive information letters for reference. (Please note: In case of contradicting statements the information in the most current letter applies.)

workshops and studios During the Summer
So that students may carry out preparation or follow-up work, the workshops and studios offer unscheduled options of access this year while the guidelines of hygiene must of course be observed. You will find details regarding offers and opening times in this schedule
Studying in the Summer Semester 2020
All courses currently listed in the base Angewandte can be attended until the end of June in distance mode with sitting for the appropriate exams (ca. 95%). Restrictions primarily refer to the workshop/studio areas. 
Further information (access to buildings for the purpose of completing certain studies, exemption from tuition fees in case of financial hardship, "neutral semester",...) is available under: 
Information on distance teaching
In order for teaching to continue as best as possible even without a physical presence, information on corresponding strategies, software and good practice examples is provided on the temporary info page "Teaching". The page is constantly updated, suggestions for additional content are very welcome.

Research and base
The Zentrum Fokus Forschung and Support Art and Research continues all activities, digitally supported by the base applications. The whole team is at your disposal via email/telephone. Detailed information on the procedures (project submission, administration of ongoing projects, doctoral supervision, events) can be found here.

All events with physical presence at the University are being cancelled without exception. Until further notice, any new or already booked events for the summer semester of 2020 will be rescheduled and take place in virtual rooms, whenever feasible. Room reservations are currently not possible. We wish to emphasize that events should not merely be cancelled or postponed until the autumn, but that digital tools for realizing events should be used wherever possible. This is not only important to make cultural and creative work visible during times of crisis, but also that we may continue to act as  an employer of artists, theorists, etc. Announcements of dates for digital events will be collected as usual under and published in the Angewandte Newsletter and on the website. In case of questions regarding the planning of virtual events via Zoom, we are happy to assist by email at
The Angewandte Festival will be moved into the virtual realm and will take place as planned from 23 to 26 June 2020. There is ongoing detailed information regarding this matter; ideas can be presented within the context of its open meetings (every Wednesday, 15–16 hrs via Zoom) or directly addressed to

Publications, Cooperations, Marketing
The department of Publications, Cooperations, Marketing continually develops new content and current information for the Angewandte website and the Angewandte Newsletter. The website content offered by the University has been enhanced and presents YouTube Videos in respect of courses, guest lectures and events at the Angewandte. All current digital courses can be found under the new category alternate.mode. A selection of the Publications of the Edition Angewandte is now also available free of charge in e-book format.

Home Office and Support
Central Computing Services (ZID) offers to all staff members a range of tools for working from home (Homeoffice).
For information regarding this subject, please see: Homeoffice

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