Junctures: The Journal of Thematic Dialogue

Due date: 30. April 2020
Expressions of interest open now. Final deadline for papers: 30 April, 2020 Word limit: 4000 words feature articles, please also enquire about our other formats.
Editors: junctures@op.ac.nz
Marc Doesburg, Director Global Engagement marc.doesburg@op.ac.nz
Ron Bull, Tumuaki Whakaako ron.bull@op.ac.nz

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Junctures: The Journal of Thematic Dialogue invites submissions on the theme “water.” Water is more than a precious commodity that requires careful management to maintain its quality, quantity and accessibility. We are all charged with its preservation and protection for the benefit and survival of ourselves and all living beings we share this planet with. The world’s freshwater resources are increasingly the subject of conflict between parties with vested interests and those advocating for biodiversity and protection of shrinking habitats.