Open Call for Artists: Digitality & Identity / Performative Space Modification

Due date: 31. August 2019
periscope´s 2020 program will cover the themes Digitality & Identity and Performative Space Modification. Both Austrian and international artists are encouraged to apply for either topics.
1) Digitality & Identity: In its open call periscope is interested in the artistic engagement with the connection between digitality and identity. What does digitality mean for the search after one´s own (artistic) identity? Which impacts does digitality have on identity, and which artistic works do exist regarding digital lifestyle? How is identity in digital space constructed, optimized or acted out, and which artistic strategies, observations, researches exist on that phenomenon?

* Digitality in the meaning of connections between the technical-digital-virtual with the organicanalogue- real environment.

2) Performative Space Modification: A central theme of periscope are space- and site-specific approaches. How can the periscope-project-space be modified by performances? How can performative processing of location effects look like? Which role does periscope´s location play? Which performative impulses can come from periscope to its environment? Which artistic messages result thereby?

We are looking forward to your digital submission by e-mail to: - including the following information:

• documentation of the artistic or curatorial work
• proposal, draft, outlines (max. 400 words)
• CV