The Angewandte Quality Concept

Responsibility in co-development
The Angewandte has developed a specific approach to quality, reflecting in particular the conditions of the Angewandte, and with the involvement and wider participation of the artistic and scientific faculty (employees) of the house. Our goal was and is to respect the different logics and ways of working, to support individual quality enhancement through the university as much as possible, and systematically, as a prerequisite for a consequent and purposeful further development of the institutional dynamics at the Angewandte.

Quality and quality enhancement can only be understood as a common concern, where artists, scientists and the university leadership have their specific responsibilities. In the context of teaching, an open work group (the Teaching Evaluation Work Group, AG Lehrevaluation), to which the Rectorate invited, focuses on quality and responsibility, and has presented three papers so far.

The "Quality Concept of the Angewandte", designed in discussion processes and developed during the application phase of concepts, has represented, for many years, a theme in the development plans of the Angewandte, and was summarized in written form by the Rectorate in February 2015 (see download box). This defines a binding and an engaging basis for current and future developments.

An important role plays the responsibility of the individual members of university for quality in their own respective fields of work, while the Rectorate concentrates on providing regular reflections and on creating appropriate structures and procedures.

The quality concept (of the Angewandte) supports systematically the realization of the vision of the Angewandte with procedures and instruments of quality enhancement, thus contributing to a further visibility of the university profile.

In the meeting of October 7, 2014, the Rectorate decided the statutory regulation "Quality of Teaching". This regulation was released in public (Download in German: "Mitteilungsblatt" 2:2014/15 from October 9, 2014).