Audit 2015

The goal of an audit in the context of universities is to check and verify the approach to quality assurance and quality enhancement in terms of its logic and effects. The approach can be designed autonomously by each university.

A few years ago, the Angewandte had decided to develop a unique and novel approach to support the university in achieving its goals and objectives. The Angewandte understands itself as a dynamic and change-oriented organization that is based on participation and individual responsibility of its employees and students. Therefore, communication, participatory processes and on-demand support are being granted a high priority in the application of the Angewandte Quality Concept.

In September 2015, evalag (the Evaluation Agency Baden-Württemberg), which was commissioned to carry out the audit, issued a certification without further conditions. By this, the Angewandte is the first Austrian university of arts with a successfully completed audit. Consequently, this procedure was registered and observed internationally with great interest.

The reviewers, appointed by evalag, were facing the challenge to analyze (within the framework of a critical examination) the system of the Angewandte in reference to its self-set objectives and strategies. This had to be done in acknowledgement of external standards, for the purpose of accomplishing a coherent overall picture and assessment.

In summary, the reviewers conclude:
"[The group of reviewers] could carry out open and constructive discussions during the on-site visit, and the great commitment of all members of the university to quality enhancement and their acceptance of the approach of the Angwandte were clearly visible."
"From the perspective of the group of reviewers, the undertaking of the Angewandte to develop a quality management that fits artistic universities well has progressed considerably and has matured further when compared with many other higher education institutions in the arts."
(evalag: Audit Report, Mannheim 2015, page 26)

In addition to the assessment of the set evaluation criteria, the report contains also further recommendations that create a valuable basis for the Angewandte for medium-term and long-term developments in the indicated fields.

Procedural details

  • Self-evaluation of the Angewandte: Summer/fall 2014
  • On-site visit of the reviewers: May 19-21, 2015
  • Draft audit report: July 2015
  • Response of the Angewandte: August 2015
  • Decision of certification by evalag: September 21, 2015


  • Lars Ebert (ELIA)
  • Richard Jochum (Columbia University, New York)
  • Kora Kimpel (Berlin University of the Arts, UdK Berlin)
  • Elisa Petri (The National Union of Students of Switzerland)
  •  Giaco Schiesser (speaker of the group of reviewers, Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK)

Out of an interest to support transparency, not only the audit report (which must be disclosed because of legal regulations), but also the whole self-evaluation document are being made available for a direct download here.