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The University Library represents the University’s central information unit. It supports studies, teaching and research at the University through the provision and conveyance of printed, electronic and audiovisual information carriers for all areas of studies offered.

The University Library provides its stock to the public for professional and general educational purposes. It promotes the information competence of its users, i.e. the ability to select, employ and critically evaluate information sources via training and individual consulting.

The University Library is open to the (general) public. All of its stocks are searchable through the online catalogue, may be used in the reading room and to a predominant extent may be borrowed for use at home.

PLEASE NOTE: With effect from 1 January 2020 only cash-free payment will be available.


Please note: the library remains closed until further notice.

Dear readers,

Due to the current exeptional situation caused by the COVID-19/so-called Corona-Virus and following instructions by the Austrian government, the following points come into effect immediately and remain so until the 20th April 2020:
  • The library is closed.
  • It is not possible to borrow or return items.
  • It is not possible to reserve items from the external stack- room/magazine.
  • All due dates for borrowed media are postponed to April 20th. Please check the due dates of borrowed media in your online account:
  • During this exceptional closing time NO overdue-fees are charged!

In consideration of the current situation we kindly ask for your comprehension and wish you all the best!

Sincere regards 
The Library Team

ATTENTION: the library is closed until further notice! See above!

The library of the University of Applied Arts Vienna is open to the public.

It is located on the top floor of Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7 and is available at the following times:

Mon - Thu                  09.30 - 18.30
Fri 09.30 - 16.00
Sat, Sun closed


Information and Advice

  • for general information about our services you can either visit us in person, or call us under 01/711 33 2268, or send us an E-Mail
  • for in-depth literature research or individual advice, please contact Frau Mag. Irene Schwarz either in person, or by phone 01/711 33 2268, or by E-Mail

The Premises

  • reading room: 30.000 books in open access
  • 11 research workstations
  • 43 reading places
  • 5 study carrels (visually isolated workplaces)
  • 2 separate rooms for learning and working
  • news lounge with current daily papers and more than 400 magazines and journals
  • extensive media library
  • special collections reading room
  • copy room, scanning options

Search & Find

  • all media (printed or online) can be researched on use of supA [Suchportal Angewandte] recherchierbar
  • wide range of electronic journals and online databases


  • most of our media may be borrowed
  • open access media: no need to pre-order; browse the shelves sorted by subject areas
  • media items held in the off-site stacks: books from the lending collection: order online, media items from the non-lending collection: pre-order by E-Mail, available on the next library opening day
  • media items in other university facilities: for information regarding the appropriate terms of use please contact us either in person, or call us under 01/711 33 2268, or send an E-Mail


  • access for members of the Angewandte using their matriculation number or personnel number
  • via EDUROAM for members of universities participating in the EDUROAM project


  • barrier-free
  • mandatory use of cloakroom
  • photo ID and proof of residence required
  • free of charge for members of Austrian universities and advanced technical colleges, plus for pupils of academic secondary schools or colleges of higher vocational education
  • other entitled persons: monthly library card at 5 Euro, annual library card at 15 Euro

Stack Room Contents

  • items require ordering by E-Mail or online
  • available on the following workday
  • may be booked for 1 week

Other University Facilities

  • for information about the respective terms of use please contact us either in person, or by telephone under 01/711 33 2268, or by E-Mail

Stock in Open Access

  • most of it may be borrowed
  • no need to order; browse the shelves which are sorted by subject areas
  • floor plan

Persons Entitled to Borrow Media

  • members of Austrian universities and and senior colleges
  • EU citizens with main residence in Austria
  • other persons: deposit payment of 250 Euros
  • persons under the age of 18: Submit the legal guardian’s Haftungserklärung (declaration of liability)

Loan Period

  • 28 days
  • 15 separate media items (5 media items in case of deposit payment)
  • option to extend the loan period prior to the due date on use of supA [Suchportal Angewandte] or by E-Mail
  • separate regulations for diploma students/graduates and in-house university members

Overdue Fines

  • 2 Euros per reminder plus 0.20 Euro per medium and opening day - from the due date onwards

Reference Holdings - the non-lending collection contains:

  • Magazines and journals, loose-leaf editions and reference works
  • media items published prior to 1945
  • artists’ books, portfolios (MW) as well as particularly valuable and hard to replace media items
  • media items that are available in the course reserve collection rooms

Return Box in the Library’s Cloak Room Area

  • media items can be returned outside of library opening hours
  • media will be booked back in on the next opening day

Media Reservation

Introductory Courses

The library carries out courses and trainings to acquire information competence, which are available to all visitors - from new students to experienced library users and information experts. In order to support you in your research, we offer the following:

Fixed Dates for Library Use
Each semester the library offers guided tours at fixed dates for new library users, plus research workshops for experienced users. Please find below the current dates.
Guided Tours for Groups and Classes
Guided tours for groups and training in research (at the Angewandte as well as at other universities or advanced technical colleges) for teaching courses may be arranged at any time. This service is also available to school teachers who may book at any time a guided tour or research training, free of charge, for their classes.
To arrange a date or for more detailed information, please contact:  Mag. Irene Schwarz Tel.: 71133-2275, E-mail:
Research Workshops for Institutes
The library will come to you. For institutes within the University, we offer tailor-made information courses regarding the services and research options of the library catalogue and databases.
To arrange a date or for more detailed information, please contact:  Mag. Irene Schwarz Tel.: 71133-2275, E-mail:

Do, 19.03. 10-11:00   introductory course in english

FAQ Loans

  • Loan card available at the main reading room upon presentation of student card (for students) or photo identification (for all other persons) and official registration certificate as a proof of address
  • Loan period: 28 days
  • Loan limit: 15 items
  • Special conditions for students writing theses or dissertations
  • Loan renewals via supA [Suchportal Angewandte] or telephone (01/71133-2268) only possible, if loan period has not expired
  • Book container for books returned outside opening hours
  • Reservation via internet possible, confirmation by e-mail, book held back for 5 opening days
  • media items held in the off-site stacks: books from the lending collection: order online, media items from the non-lending collection: pre-order by E-Mail, available on the following opening day

The University Library offers

  • ca. 135.000 monographs (focus areas are art, architecture and design of the 20th and 21st century)
  • more than 400 journal subscriptions
  • ca. 950 online journals and 25 online databases, which are accessible on the campus resp. for students and teachers also from outside via VPN
  • a media library with about 10.200 DVDs and video tapes (artist videos, movies, documentaries)
  • steadily growing number of e-books
  • Special collections: artists books / female-specific and feminist literature / source literature on surrealism / japanese woodcut books / partial legacy of Clemens Holzmeister
  • Bbooks of articles not available at the library may be ordered from other libraries as inter-library-loans
  • Trainings in library use, mailing list for current information
  • Support for individual research; enquiry services
  • Study desks, workplaces for online search, audio/video/DVD players, copy/print/scan facilities
The new Library of the Applied Arts offers free access to their substantial collections. Media and communication sciences (graphic design, film and photography), art history, fashion, sculpture, painting, artists monographs and architecture are housed within the Reading Room.
All other subjects can be found in Room 2.
In addition to these collections there is an inventory of magazines from which borrowing requests can be made.

The Library uses the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK) which was originally developed in the 1960’S as an in-house system for the University Library of Regensburg.  There are now more than 140 institutions in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland who cooperate with each other to continue its development.

Books are marked on the spine with a yellow stripe or the old systems labels and use the RVK signature consisting of a two letter (main grouping) and number (specific grouping) combination which define the thematic classification. The indexing codes allow the location of a book to be clearly defined within the entire library.
Group A – General, is subdivided into groups, for example in AP for Media and Communication Sciences, Communication Design, AP 94200 stands for general works of history of photography or in ZH, the main group for Architecture, ZH 6230 represents museum construction.
In order to differentiate between individual media within the thematic groups, one or more further alphanumeric identifiers ("Cutter-Sanborn notation", CSN for short) are appended to the thematic notation. The basis for the alphanumeric key is the name or the term, so an author's books on a topic - that is, with the same notation – can be grouped together.
In some cases, the notation is preceded by a local code. This indicates a specific location for example "Hb /", which identifies manuals/reference books, or the local flag "Kü /", which identifies the works of artists from the respective Department. These are preceded by the respective notation without "Kü /".
In case you cannot find a book, a newspaper or a DVD you need for your studies, please let us know.

Make a wish:

Please tell us the title, the author and if possible the ISBN.

Your library team

Special collections

Artists' books
Small editions designed by artists, rare exhibition catalogues, books incorporating special materials or insertions. 4.401 items (by 2014). Dara Birnbaum, Christian Boltanski, Hanne Darboven, Dan Graham, Jenny Holzer, Ilja Kabakov, Yves Klein, Joseph Kosuth, Matt Mullican, Dieter Roth, Laurence Weiner, Christopher Wool, ...
These items are indexed as „Künstlerbuch" (searchable in supA [Suchportal Angewandte]).

Women-related literature
"Virtual library". Monographs on female artists, architects, designers, photographers, ... , feminist art theory, feminist disciplines, iconography of female depictions, gender discussions, women’s studies, women’s galleries, ...
These items are indexed by the following codes (searchable in supA [Suchportal Angewandte]):


FM Monographs on female artists (fine arts, architecture, design, photography, ...)
FK Feminist theory of art, feminist art criticism, women in art and architecture, reference books, exhibition catalogues, ...
FI Iconography of female depictions
FG Sex, gender, socialization, sexuality, eroticism, morals
FF Feminism (general works), women’s studies, women’s movement, women’s history, women’s galleries
FW Feminist disciplines (literature, film and theatre studies, musicology); women in film, theatre, literature, music, philosophy, ethnology, cultural history, ...
FL Female life-style, women art collectors, ...
Illustrative materials
Approximately 100 collections and 500 single plates dating from the 19th century - ornaments, depictions of nature, facsimile editions of art and craft objects.

Original literature of Surrealism. About 250 monographies and magazines, e.g. by André Breton, Paul Éluard, Max Ernst.

History of fashion and costume
located at the Department of History and Theory of Costume.

Conservation and restoration
Located at the Department of Conservation and Restoration, and at the Department of Technical Chemistry.

Clemens Holzmeister Estate
Written material, plans and drawings, photographs, slides.


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