Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marion Elias
Philosophy at an art university has to consider the real interests and questions of the students. Thus, both an overview – of the most important positions in the history of thought – and a specially customised ad artem are essential: The seemingly distant can contribute just as much to artistic expression as the allegedly akin. Critical, independent free thinking as such always remains sceptical in face of theories, tendencies, ideologies, paradigms, fashions, apparent truths and facts.

Therefore, philosophy needn’t explain creators their own works or legitimise them, nor is it about banal satisfaction through sedating empty phrases and templates. The key point of having a philosophical faculty at an art university is to always be the place where artists are “embraced” and guided in their development closely along the lines of their respective tasks and the multitude of possible reflection points. Bertrand Russell defined philosophy as a kind of “no man’s land”, a realm between where one tries to understand everything (science) and where one can only have faith (religion). Art oscillates between similar coordinates.


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