Architectural Design 1

Studio Díaz Moreno and García Grinda

Head: Cristina Díaz Moreno, Efrén García Grinda
"We do believe that contemporary urban challenges related with structural urban deficits, migratory fluxes, the technological shift, precarious inhabitation and spatial exclusion are demanding a change of paradigm on architectural design practices, that could break the separation of our discipline and connect us back with societal problems and realities. We see this moment as a fantastical opportunity for reinvention and we would like to expand the already astonishing legacy of the Studio 1 and to contribute to shape the future of the IoA through intellectual and practical experiments on spatial practices in the search of socially and culturally engaged fields of work for architecture."

Teaching language: English



2nd floor
Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2
A-1010 Wien
1th floor
Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2
A-1010 Wien