Vienna Biennale for Change 2019

Change was our only Chance.
Propositions of possible futures by the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Time’s Up Linz

AIL, Angewandte Innovation Laboratory, Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, 1010 Wien
Opening: 28th of May 2019
Duration: 29th of May – 27th of September 2019. Closed in August.
In times of fundamental change, this mixture of installation and generated process evokes desire for certain kind of futures. Residing in this future and looking back at our present shows us clearly how crafting a more tangible future for ourselves is possible if we initiate change today.
We present an "experiential future", a walk-through story set in an immersive sur-rounding, a stimulation for all of the senses. Possible futures are explored in a real-life setting, in the here and now with curiosity and playfulness. Possible futures evoke the passion to boldly popularize the complexity of our time. Possible futures are being demystified and are no longer feel terrifying. As people from our past had understood it: "Change was the only chance".

The artist collective Time's Up from Linz in cooperation with teachers, researchers and students of the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Angewandte Innovation Laboratory AIL.

MAK – Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst / Gegenwartskunst
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien – Angewandte
Innovation Laboratory
Kunsthalle Wien
Az W – Architekturzentrum Wien
Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

Associate Partner:
Slovak Design Center

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Change was our only Chance 01
                                       Credit: CC-by-SA by Time’s Up / Elisa Unger Download