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The University of Applied Arts Vienna aims at focusing its art and research profile now and in the future. Therefore, the division Support Art and Research in cooperation with national and international partners are developing projects, that will supply (artistic) researchers with useful tools for applications, project management and documentation, as well as open access-strategies.

The “Art- and Research Database – Angewandte/ basis wien” emerges from the ongoing cooperation between the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Angewandte) and basis wien – archive and documentation centre for modern and contemporary art in and from Austria.

The collaboration, which started in 2014, ensures the continuity of basis wien’s documentation of Austrian artists and their activities. Furthermore, the cooperation allows further development of the current database to secure the (artistic) research which is located at the Angewandte.

The database contains entries about approximately 82.000 persons, 15.500 institutions, 60.000 events (projects, exhibitions and other events) and 82.000 objects (effective May 2017). The Angewandte therefore takes the opportunity to display its activities in the field of art and research on one of the most prestigious platforms for contemporary Austrian art.
Venue: AIL – Angewandte Innovation Laboratory

Portal Angewandte (Alexander Damianisch/Bernhard Kernegger)
21 October 2015, 17:00
Foils and Textile Welding (Ursula Klein/Marcus Bruckmann)
25 November 2015, 17:00
Venue: Atelier schulteswien, Mollardgasse 85a, 1060 Wien

The Angewandte in Nepal – Help after the Earthquake (Gabriela Krist, Gundi Lamprecht)
17 December 2015, 16:00

Surveying Energy Efficiency (FFG Eden: IoA/ED Research Team, TU/BPI Research Team)
Featuring a lecture by Prof. A. Mahdavi: Architectural Science: Quo Vadis?
27 January 2016, 17:00
Venue: seminar room B (Ferstel-Wing, top floor)
Project Lead: Mag. phil. Angelika Zelisko
Kontakt: Mag. Ulrike Klöckl

As lead partner of the project "Innovation Matters. Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange for Social Challenges - Networks, Methods, Transfer" - the team of Support Arts and Research at the University of Applied Arts is responsible for the promotion of topic-specific interdisciplinary transfer networks.
The focus is on the cross-institutional networking of scientists from all disciplines, artistic researchers and, subsequently, with the corresponding transfer partners. Similar formats have already been tested during the first term of the Knowledge Transfer Center East. Based on these experiences, new, innovative networking methods and formats will be developed for the above-mentioned topics. The aim of the sub-project is to establish the topic-specific networking activities as a starting point for corresponding cooperation and transfer activities. The further development and expansion of the format should stimulate researchers to work in an interdisciplinary manner in the long term. The implementation will be carried out in close cooperation with the external cooperation partners (in particular Impact Hub, INiTS, Vienna Business Agency, Vienna Chamber of Commerce, WWTF). At the European level, the AP will exchange ideas with the Hybrid Platform Berlin, which also promotes topic-specific, interdisciplinary networking with its "Hybrid Talks" format.

Projektwebsite WTZ Ost

Das WTZ Ost ist gefördert durch die aws, aus Mittlen der Nationalstiftung für Forschung, Technologie und Entwicklung (Österreich-Fonds).

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