COVID-19: Access regulations from May 19, 2021

18. May 2021
Dear university members,
We would like to inform you about changes in the access regulations resulting from the new opening regulation of the federal government: 
Beginning Wednesday, May 19, 2021, access to university buildings will be equally available to tested, vaccinated, and recovering university members, which also involves a change in the control modus (see below). External persons still require a special access permit in addition to one of the documents listed below (see here for form).
One of the following documents is required for access to university buildings:
For Tested:
  •     Negative PCR test confirmation e.g. "All gargles" (valid for 72h),
  •     Negative antigen test confirmation e.g. from pharmacy, Vienna Test Streets etc. (48h valid) or
  •     Negative antigen test confirmation from applied test lane (48h valid).
For convalescents:
  •     Seperation notice (valid for 6 months),
  •     Medical certificate of covid disease (valid for 6 months) or
  •     Proof of antibodies (valid for 3 months)
For vaccinated (valid for max. 3 months from 22 days after first vaccination; valid for 9 months after second vaccination):
  •     Yellow vaccination certificate (“Impfpass”),
  •     Proof of vaccination by your doctor or
  •     Electronic vaccination certificate at (A cell phone signature or citizen card is required for the electronic vaccination certificate).
The control of the documents takes place:
At the main buildings – OKP and VZA7: 
  •     through checks at the main entrances 
  •     by spot checks of the HealthChecker
The controls in the courses, workshops and studios are eliminated
In all other buildings / branches:
  •     in the courses and workshops by the respective lecturers
  •     in the studios and departmental premises in accordance with the concepts drawn up
  •     as well as through spot checks by the HealthChecker
Both the new cafeteria at OKP and the cafeteria in VZA7 are now open again for on-site consumption. Removal of the FFP2 mask is only permitted at the seat.
All other regulations (with special reference to the general FFP2 mask wearing requirement) remain in effect and can be viewed here.
With best regards,
Gerald Bast, Bernhard Kernegger, Barbara Putz-Plecko, Eva Maria Stadler and Maria Zettler