COVID19-related access regulations

05. June 2020
Dear university members,
we are very pleased to inform you about changes of the COVID19-related access regulations: 
The new regulations come into effect in two steps:
(see also overview “Access regulations June-July”)
Phase 1: from now until the end of June 
    Teaching remains in distance mode. The established access controls at the university buildings remain in place. For graduating students and their supervisors, the special regulations for the use of studios and workshops continue to apply.
    The updated infrastructure guidelines (incl. hygiene guidelines) continue to apply.
    NEW: For scientific and artistic staff as well as staff in planning, service and administration, limited access to the university buildings is possible without registration––for up to a maximum of two people per department at the same time during the building opening hours. The respective head of department is responsible for the organization (see overview and guidelines). Individual access applications to VR Zettler are no longer required. 
    NEW: Business trips are possible again, outside of Austria within the scope of the travel recommendations defined by the Foreign Ministry. 
Phase 2: from July until further notice 
    All members of the university (staff and students) can again access the respective studios, workshops and offices. The hygiene guidelines and the predefined maximum number of people per room must be followed.
    There are no access controls, trusting that the above stated regulations will be met responsibly.
Please find a detailed overview of the new access regulations for the coming months here.
The summer semester 2020 has presented (and still presents) us with enormous challenges that we, all together, have met very constructively so far. Therefore we would like to thank you again for your extraordinary flexibility and your support of all the necessary regulations!
We wish you continued good health and a successful semester completion!
Best regards,
Gerald Bast, Barbara Putz-Plecko, Bernhard Kernegger, Eva Maria Stadler, Maria Zettler