“Hello, I am …“ Lisa Großkopf

The Austrian Cultural Forum Washington`s Channel for a Social Media Art Contest features the Site-Specific Art student from the Angewandte. Vote for her!

01. October 2018

The Austrian Cultural Forum Washington has developed the social media project called „Hello, I am ...“ on its website http://acfdc.org/ (with the hashtag #ATinDC_YoungArtist), which started on April 9 and lasts throughout the year 2018.
The idea is to offer outstanding Austrian art students the possibility to use the social media channels of the ACF Washington as a presentation platform for their work over a certain period of time and thus be able to directly reach and interact with an international audience.

Lisa Großkopf develops the ongoing installation “Photostudio“ (photography, diasec, various sizes) from 2016 on. She outlines the project as follows: „Showcases of photography studios are spaces in which the gender is negotiated simultaneously at different levels at a very dense and compact form. These stop windows often convey traditional heteronormative family constellations and clichéd representations of femininity/masculinity. In the project, I use these stop windows to re-negotiate gender. I turn the showcase of vacant shops into alleged photography studios which display counter-hegemonic queer imagery.“

Großkopf describes the site-specific installation/photography from 2016: „The sign ʼopenʼ represents the capitalist ´golden´ West with its constant available goods and services. However, since these signs are mostly found in restaurants/shops with low-quality products, simultaneously they stand for the non-redeeming of the capitalist promise to the ´good life´. I chose the border crossing between Austria an Hungary, a former (physical) border between Western and Eastern Europe. After the fall of the ´Iron Curtain´, the expansion of the EU and the Schengen area and the temporary opening for refugees in the summer of 2015, fences are now being built again and open borders are being closed.“

The installation from 2014 (120 photos, panel text, booklet, carpet, poster, website) starts in words of Großkopf, „from an analysis of so called ´selfies´, I curated an exhibition that establishes links between selfies and renowned works of art. My curatorial concept refers to the blog culture by the spontaneous and individual image selection. I visualized the way of viewing pictures on the internet by installing the exhibition in an elevator. Similar to scrolling a blog, the pictures move from top to down very quickly. The speed creates an abundance of stimuli that refers to the oversupply of networked information and the accelerated pace of our so-called ´Generation Y´.“

Procedure of the „Hello I am“ Contest
In cooperation with the three most important Austrian art universities – University of Applied Arts Vienna, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Kunstuniversität Linz – two students of each university were chosen to present their work for respectively five weeks on the ACF’s Facebook site and website. At the end of the year the student with the most „likes, shares & comments“ received will be awarded in an internal ranking and be invited to Washington DC to stay for a week and present his or her work in the premises of the Austrian Cultural Forum. The invited student from the Angewandte aside from Cansu Ergün is Lisa Großkopf, studying TransArts. Pille Riin Jaik and Melisande Seebald from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as well as Sybille Bauer and Stefan Tiefengraber from the University of Art and Design Linz are also invited.

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