[ARTSCIENCE] Master Exams - Project´s presentations summer semester 2021


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During the exams limited audience will be present.
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09:00 | Alfredo Ledesma Quintana: Walking in a Pluriverse. Reflecting possibilities of Hatun Inti, Hybrids, Textiles and Sound. Stories, Encounters and Practice.
2021, Interactive Installation and Video
Blütengasse 9, Door 1, 1030 Vienna 
23–23 June (15–19) and 27 June–7 July (by arrangement: aldequi@hotmail.com or 0678.12.15.165)
How can art be a tool to reflect our relations with our surroundings, and to expand our community to include non-human beings such as animals, mountains and rivers? How can art be a tool to alter our perspectives and expand our imaginaries to understand and respect the world as Pluriverse, and that Nature is not common? Based on my personal experience growing up with my indigenous grandmother and sharing time in a handicraft center, where different Peruvian cosmovisions met; my encounter with protesters resisting against a mining project to defend their world and Pacha Mama;  reflections about persisting colonial structures and severe problems humanity is facing; and the search for traditional knowledge in textiles and iconographies, I experiment with performance, installation, video, and Kipus, to reconnect with and resignify the surroundings with my own body and mind, and invite others to join.
09:45 | Marthin Rozo: Bat Experience – Pollination through Sound 2020/2021
2021, Virtual Reality / Installation
Annex: Vordere Zollamtsstrasse 7, 1030 Vienna, 4th floor, Room B13
24–26 June (16–19) and 29 June–9 July (by arrangement: marthin.rozoc@gmail.com)
This collaboration in art and biology aims to make visible the sound communication between pollinating bats and some plants.
Bats use ultrasound to see the world around them, which is an active kind of perception. This is especially difficult to understand from a human perspective since our senses are passive. We don't have to do anything to see or hear. On the other hand, bats are in constant communication with their environment to perceive it. From this acoustic way of navigating, some plants developed different strategies to reflect the ultrasound more clearly and attract these winged mammals. Hundreds of years of coexistence were needed to achieve a sophisticated form of communication, between the vocal-auditory organs of the bat and the sexual organs of the plant. Living together and shaping each other.
10:30 | Eirini Tiniakou: STOMACHOMA
2021, Installation
Main building: Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna, Ferstel-Trakt, 3rd Floor
23–26 June (10–18)
“From the words we utter through our mouths to the soil we toil with our hands, as a form of artistic practice, to being closer to the ground, where the functionality of cultivation becomes a performative practice in everyday life.”
The island of Lesvos is the site for my thesis research. For the purposes of this project, I was part of an endeavor in search of local elements, such as soil, people, culture, folk stories and trees. I ended up with a treasure hold of gargantuan proportions, a trove of silent topographical treasures that are dear to me and ultimately, universal. The focus of my research is primarily to explore the ways in which harvesting is done, in addition to tapping into the skills and technical know-how of generations of olive pickers. Also, by taking the plunge and breaching their circle, which employs mainly men, I was challenged to comprehend the current way of working in the olive fields and my own role in such a setup.
The significance of the olive tree as a symbol and an entity in the identity of the Mediterranean people never ceases to amaze me. The olive groves imply an incredibly rich socio-economic background. They are indeed a silent poetry for the soul.
11:00 | Anna Teglassy: THINKING WITH GARDENING (gardening with thinking)
2021, Site-specific Installation
Main building: Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna, Lichthof B
24 June–6 July (10–18)
What started as a gardening manual, grew into a site specific installation; a vertical garden, where seeds are planted on hanging layers under each other. Garden, with its heterogeneity and complexity, is an excellent place to discover ourselves, nature and the relation in between. It comes alive as a planting-labor, which provides a safe environment, a multilevel scene for experimenting experience. It is a continuous setting up with caring plants as a daily routine. Every phase of the evolution has it’s own right and creates the final picture of the process. In this co-production, where the development is determined by the local conditions, plants and gardener take equal role. It merges abstract and functional levels to represent the route from seedling through sprouting to the “end result”: the becoming of a thought.
11:30 | Chiara Campanile: COLOROGRAPHY
2021, Site-specific Installation
Main building: Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna, Lichthof B
24–26 June and 29 June–6 July (15–19)
Color is everywhere, it defines our reality. I find fascinating how many fields of knowledge this topic touches; we can consider wavelength and frequency, we can focus on the eye´s anatomy, talk about the color wheel, the density of acrylic, or the emotions that it triggers.
They are all aspects of the same thing and with the same importance, entwined into each other, but which we tend to separate into different fields of knowledge. Color is a place where each discipline has something to say to the other, and where there is the potential to strengthen the overlapping rather than the closedness of each field.
It is a living fluid system, as an environmental factor and habitat. Through color, I want to bring attention to human and non-human vision and perception, to different ways of living and to its necessity as a matter of life and survival.
12:30 | Mauricio Suarez: The Fortune Roulette
Research-based art installation of an alchemical amulette made with my own body materials, glasses, metal, bicycle road, wool and magic.
Annex: Salzgries 14, 1010 Vienna, 2nd floor
23–25 June (12–15)
Affected by the misfortune of the Pandemic, I have begun a research-based installation consisting of an alchemical amulet made with my own body materials in jars and tied to a wheel of fortune with wool and magic. This wheel is used for prediction and can bring good luck as well as bad luck. Natural materials and processes are a part of ourselves and should be considered as material for purification and regeneration. This wheel mainly serves as a biobank that keeps some parts of my body for eternity to demonstrate my state of health in a certain period of history during a world pandemic. By analysing the results of the different parts of my body, the visitor can get an answer and an interpretation of his deepest concerns.
All students supervised by Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich;
Supported by Martin Reinhart;
With thanks to Dr. Bernd Kräftner;
Univ.-Prof. Mag. rer. Nat. Dr. techn. Georg Glaeser
Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil. Ernst Strouhal
Sen.Lect. Mag.art. Martin Reinhart
Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich
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