Jeremy Wade: Shitting My Brain Out / In Debt But Got A Gift Card / Making Art

FCCC (The Future Clinic for Critical Care) presents 

A workshop for precarious cultural workers to reflect, reorganize, rejuvinate, have a laugh about the paradoxes in the field and map out ways to work better and care for ourselves in the present and the future. 
“No. More. Overzealous. Attempts. To. Outsmart. Neoliberal. Agendas. Because. We. Just. Can’t. But. We. Must. Make. A. Body. And. A. World. On. New. Terms. Take. Care. Of. Ourselves. And. Each. Other.” The Battlefield Nurse   
“Let’s be honest, if you’re in Show Biz, success usually depends on burnout. It’s a lot of work to put on a fucking show. Winning is so over rated. Whatever you do don’t win, it’s not worth it. It’s like longevity, so overrated. Just give them 20% otherwise you’re getting fucked in the ass. And who doesn’t like to get fucked in the ass? Usually there is a line around the block for that, but this winning thing is like getting fucked by a smart car, no lube in sight, and it’s a definitely not your color. 20% kids, just give em 20%.” - Puddles the Pelican 
“If you want to be an artist think twice about this before you get too deep. If you’re a plumber you will have constant work, you can paint in your free time but let’s be clear you will be dealing with much more shit as an artist than you would as a plumber.” 
- The Battlefield Nurse  
“I try not to use the term artist any more because it’s too connected to the word flower, the term artist is exclusive and mysterious. I’m a worker in the cultural field not a flower. Every cent I make comes from the government. Yet I don’t have the same basic workers’ rights as the lowest paid worker in a government building. Labor politics are often easily misconstrued when the term artist is thrown around.” 
- Jeremy Wade 
The workshop will take place over one week with one class in the morning and another one in the afternoon. 
In the morning we will focus on the self-care, critical care, slowing down together, engaging in humorous new-agey queer coping strategies and body life hacks. We will focus on consent that evolves into dancing together. Relational ethics and consent are a big aspect of emancipatory care and workers rights. Dance is a perfect form to practice consent and relationality. Come as you are no experience necessary. 
In the afternoon we will be looking at some of my favorite artists, writers and activists who nail critique of the cultural field. We will also be looking at bits of my work that have dealt with institutional critique, pursuits of working better together, cranky rants about the paradoxes in the cultural field and the characters I built who rant them. I will also share some problems that surfaced in past collaborations that were 100% my responsibility, omitting any and all names, because I learned a lot from these experiences. There will be lots of talking but lots of space for reflection in small group. Pleasure, slowing down, reflection, rejuvenation, consent and boundaries are at the core of this project, some of the material I make is super heavy so trigger warnings will absolutely be given and there is always space to breath or leave. Hopefully it’s a forum that gets you to be cranky about the field and support you to make a body and a world on your terms. The workshop will close with the task of drafting realistic boundaries for your next project and we will share them and sing Kum Ba Ya together. 
Jeremy Wade FCCC (The Future Clinic for Critical Care) presents “Shitting My Brain Out / In Debt But Got A Gift
                                       Card / Making Art”
FCCC (The Future Clinic for Critical Care) presents “Shitting My Brain Out / In Debt But Got A Gift Card / Making Art”