In search of "specialists of despecialization"

On new alliances between cultural and educational policy

European cultural policy symposium. A cooperation project of Angewandte and EDUCULT.

The issue of the European Symposium 2019 deals with the manifold connections and overlaps of cultural and educational policy. The goal is the reopening of "Möglichkeitsräume” (possibility spaces) (Robert Musil), to counteract the current oblivion of the future and thus to repair schools, to act at the height of time, where to develop meaningful life perspectives with the pupils.

Not only all educational analyzes suggest that both the organization and the content of school are less and less true to the dramatically changing requirements. This does not prevent leading lobbyists of industrialism from rebuilding themselves with renewed vigor against the growing pressure for change and demanding a "more of the same".

The art and culture area, which is much smaller and therefore more maneuverable compared to the educational sector, is once again about making the current situation dance. In this regard, the Rector of the Angewandte Gerald Bast has recently stated that he calls for a fundamental reform of the educational system and declares the art business to be a reference medium in his efforts to dissolve narrow disciplinary boundaries and thus consciously break new ground.

The symposium would like to take up this idea and discuss new possibilities for the interaction of cultural and educational policy on the basis of a critical assessment of current social developments.
It is also based on a variety of good practice forms in which personal, institutional and political forms of cooperation between art, culture and education have been exemplarily realized, as well as various research projects that have examined these activities for "future effectiveness".